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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is a newcomer to mid-range mobile phones

Before we unpacked the phone under Redmi's first brand, we read our test last October of Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. It took only three months for Chinese Xiaomi to launch a newer and more powerful model, although no one can accuse them of having made a crack on a desk before.

Let's not say they would have been bold in the field of design, since in the design center they had many possibilities to lean with the words "unique", "interesting" or "brittle." The black model has become quite insignificant, compared to playing in blues-purple, but the red version is already an atomic flash, so that those who want to break from the conventional line are more likely to fly, the bear.

The black version will not seduce the design – Photo: China Order

In addition, we do not like the black model because it compiles the digital fingerprint so that it can even be seen by someone who has not touched on it. It is a special joy that, due to the outstanding camera island, the device is inclined on each flat surface, so we recommend using silicones in the basic package, although it is also worth knowing that the # 39; protective equipment and hands are sweating.

Apart from that, we can only say positive things: C-type connector, fast loading, a very good display. Installing the Apple appliance, cutting the band, the overall effect is very good. On the back, we find the digital fingerprint reader above Redmi for Xiaomi, and for us an inexplicably 48 megapixel high resolution camera, the flash LED, while the top edge has a Infrared port and our favorite cat prey, so we should not suck. with the converter.

The device is more exciting with the colors – Photo: Xiaomi


We have thought a lot about why we had to release so quickly after the sixth Redmi, note 7 Model, but nothing has come to our mind about what we say: this is really an urgent reason. Then we noticed that the Chinese company is trying to launch a separate brand of Redmi with this device.

The Android Pie operating system, supported by MIUI 10.2, does not justify the arrival of the new device and, in the previous model, the hardware was not weak and even the camera was not considered fatal. Therefore, it is probably the invincible internal restriction of self-control that has worked in China, because there is no doubt that Redmi Note 7 has advanced almost everything.

It's like an iPhone – Photo: Order China

Snapdragon has 660 of 636, which means a 20% increase in performance and a faster graphics processor. This time, there is also a mass storage device of 6 GB RAM / 64 GB. We shot the poet: we had the 3/32 version, so it was

It's amazing how much new hardware has been produced in performance.

We expected the device to be slow with 3 GB of RAM, but we were pleasantly disappointed. Antutu is also divided, 143,000 points are very worthy, and the value of 46fps of the GFX bank is here. This can be heard in the case of games, right now, the hardware killer Ironblade In addition, we also upload two new programs Inactive heroeswith i CSR Racing 2with.

He takes the three quickly, but he feels that this phone is not basically a game. This is evident in other things: the mono speaker is always covered with our fingers, and some games are not optimized for expanded screens, such as Redmi's note 7.

Because of this, one of our eyes weeping, the other name, because the LTPS panel of 6.3 inches LCD is really beautiful, the resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels does not even know the relationship of # 39, looks, and this makes the phone feel very stiff. The colors are alive, the angle of vision is good, there are really patents, but many are not optimizing this strange number of pixels. Lots of application menus that abstain from the image and that YouTube did not adjust the videos to avoid distortions. Fortunately, with a gesture: pinch, that is, a trap, we can adjust it in exchange for a loss of content.

The last Android brand on your device – Photo: China Order

The operating system has changed a bit, since Android 9 Pie that works with your smartphone Redmi Note 7 has contributed many new features. We started with the board, the device we tested on Chinese ROM, that is, we can only choose Chinese and English, and there is no GAPPS, Google's preinstalled package of applications. You will not have to be scared, get things here and, after the "next next" installation, you will have a phone with all the features.

Because we consume a lot of time, we are pleased that the manufacturer did not lower the size of the battery. We are notional "loaders for adults", that's why we need the ax of 4000 mAh as bread for bread. We do not know if compatibility with Battery Adaptive Batteries or the low power consumption of the LTPS display has been involved, but we've been adjusting for three days. In addition, Redmi Note 7 is also compatible with Quick Charge 4.0, so you can charge your mobile very quickly, not the factory charger.

On the back there is a 48-megapixel camera waiting for photographers – Photo: China's Order

We will always look at the wireless connection section with a magnifying glass, but today it is almost unnecessary, as all phones have a dual-band Wi-Fi connection and a modern BT connection. In addition to their good habits, Xiaomi phones have many additional sensors, and this is also inherited by Redmi, therefore, beyond the infrared port mentioned above, the GPS + GLONASS + Beidu positioning, compass, pedometer and Gyroscope are also available, but even from a SIM card it receives two.

However, many people will be surprised that there is no B20 in the non-global ROM, which can cause problems in the field.

Finally, come all the Holy Grail mobile test, the section of the camera. Due to preliminary technical data, we expected a large display of fireworks, but this was not the case, although Redmi Note 7 did not hang in its category. The images are very beautiful, the color reproduction is good, chromatic aberration can only be discovered in traces, but the sky tends to burn, and if we improve the content, there is a blur.

The camera software in Pro mode can shoot interpolated 48 megapixel images, but the resolution of the sensor is still 12 MP, but it only works with 4 images. This is advantageous for the greatest angle of vision and also brings some improvement in quality. Even night scenes are unacceptable, but there are very few lines of light. In this genre, Xiaomi Mi 8 is the king, who also has a specific software mode for these cases. You can get all the photos here.

We did not like the videos much, although we could activate all kinds of timelapse modes. Mainly because of the price, we are a bit disappointed because there is no resolution of 4K for so much money, which would not be bad if the 1080p software had stabilized by Redmi Note 7. But no, so the videos are quite loose, the image is quite large, which is quite long confused. This is overwhelmed by a fast but visible microscope that causes visible spots. The electronic or optical support is very missing, we can do it with a good balloon, we have achieved good results with Zhiyun Smooth 4 in this field.


We are still a little confused because the series of the note was released so quickly, almost everywhere. For Redmi's 7 note, the hardware is stronger, we can request 6 GB of RAM, the screen is much nicer and has a higher resolution, AI is compatible with photography and has a very cool MIUI with Android 9.

However, we expected more from the camera, especially when they reached the resolution of 48 megapixels. This is where the dirty Redmi Note 7 phone is abrupt, only the company has set the benchmark level so high in recent years that every little mistake seems to be huge. Although the subject of our test is YYXMNOTE7 The coupon code is now available for $ 58,000, so there are opponents in the interior. There is, for example, the excellent Xiaomi 6X / A2 pair, and even the previous Redmi Note 6 Pro series can not be called obsolete. However, whatever the cost of the basket, the mode of transport of the EU Priority Line, free of import costs, is the delivery method.

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