Wednesday , March 3 2021

Zoltán Pogátsa: The tax exemption for young people is incorrect

According to economist and sociologist Viktor Orbán has always reduced taxes when there are problems.

Contrary to the Prime Minister’s announcement Friday morning Zoltán Pogátsa does not see it as a tool for crisis management that, from 2022, children under 25 receive a total exemption from personal income tax. At the ATV he said Viktor Orban responds to all economic concerns with tax cuts. This is contrary to the logic of the EU.

As he said, the European Union supports the Youth Guarantee Program so that people under the age of 25 can study or work. The EU collects taxes and funds training and education.

Whoever wants to help young people should increase compulsory education and spend money on training people who cannot find work.

According to the economist and sociologist, the prime minister’s announcement fits the policy of the last ten years.

Viktor Orbán, if faced with an economic problem, immediately thinks about tax cuts. You are trying to respond to any issues with a tax cut.

According to Zoltán Pogátsa, this is not a viable option, it should be a progressive tax system that applies equally to all adults and focuses on income.

Viktor Orbán considers his announcement to be an election promise, according to him, the prime minister wants to win over young people with the abolition of the PIT, because Fidesz is ill among those under 30. As he said, the problem is not that the value of the Hungarian public debt as part of GDP exceeded the level after the 2008 financial crisis, but that the government did not spend what it should have done on people, families and small and medium enterprises. to help medium-sized businesses.

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