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Alikue Padamsee dies at the age of 90: He is again introduced to some of the unforgettable performances of the veteran theater


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Updated: November 17, 2018. 2:54:22

alikue padamsee, alikue padamsee death, alikue padamsee theatrical personality, alikue padamsee plays and directs theater, Indian extreme, Indian extreme news Alikuee Padamsee died on Saturday morning. (Instagram / @ directordhruv)

Famous film director and doyen of theater Alikue Padamsee finished his final assignment on Saturday at 5.30. The 90-year-old veteran best remembered the role of Mohammed Ali Jinnah in the classic Oscar winner Richard Attenborough, Gandhi.

Padamsi was famous for his productions that redefined the Indian theater experience for the English audience. Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Padamsee is distinguished as an actor and director with over 70 productions of his name, including record-breaking performances such as Evita, Jesus Christ the Superstar i Death of a merchant.

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He made a debut appearance when he was seven years old Trader of Venice, featured Villiam Shakespeare directed by his eldest brother Sultan Bobbi Padamsee.

A few years later, at the age of 23, Padamsi directed his first game – Shakespeare Taming of the Shrev. After that, he still released another five Shakespeare plays.

In 1974, Padamsee performed his version of Tim Rice and the rock opera that goes through the path Andrev Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ the Superstar in Mumbai. Padamsee & # 39; s Jesus Christ the Superstar was the first major musician to be held in India. It's been uninterrupted for more than a year.

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The show emphasized the way we are going from one period to the next. It begins with Roman costumes and biblical clothes, and with the final act, actors are seen in regular t-shirts and pants. What's interesting is Padamsee Jesus Christ the Superstar helped him to move from one stage to another; after this record performance, he realized that it was a way to reach a larger audience through music.

Two years later, Padmaschi directed and came to his second musical, Man Of La Mancha, semi classic musical. Even if he did not violate the records Jesus Christ the Superstar, or to go near him, was considered "modest success".

In January 1982, the theater group Padamsee was presented Evita Sharon Prabhakar plays the role of Evita Peron, the wife of former President of Argentina and dictator Juan Peron. In what was the opera's opera on the Argentine first lady, she left the Indian audience absolutely brilliant.

It is known to translate and set Girish Karnad Broken Images and to make him a great success, Alikue Padamsee was not ashamed when he thought that Karnad Tughlak. Alik Padamsi asked Karnad to translate it into English, after which the Theater Group set him up in Bombay in the 1970s. This was a great success and was later translated into different regional languages.

Almost 25 years after the direction of the show, Padamse marked the return and took the stage in the production of his daughter, Raella Padamsee Death of a merchant in 2013. Since its first performance in 1949, a family drama has been recognized as a milestone in the American theater and won several awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.

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