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Carlsen & Caruana is right to form in the opening of the press


"Women hate me, I refuse them," this is something you have never done
expected to hear from world champion Magnus Carlsen, but that was his answer
to the question of whether she has "female support" for the match. He came more
unforgettable one-day lines, but while Sergei Karjakin looked something bunny
Fabiano Caruana was in the headlights at the New York press conference
utterly composed as he responded in his relaxed, easy way. We
He did not much learn what's new, but both players seem ready to fight
starts tomorrow!

Those who stood at the opening of the press conference of the World Cup in London in 2018 clearly learned from experience in New York and this
the time "official speeches" by the president of FIDE, Arkady Dvorkovich, director of Agon Ilia
Merenzon and the sponsor of PhosAgro's CEO Andrei Gureev were bare
minimum, as the focus turned directly to player questions. Danni King
Chairperson and you can answer the following answers:

The contrast between the player was obvious in one of the
the first questions, whether their age and excitement around the match were,
"Making Chess Cool". Magnus immediately quoted:

Personally I found chess the most beautiful thing in the world
since I'm 8 years old, so I think that's always been the case!

Fabiano did not compete to provide anything similar, but
gave a calm, relaxed answer:

I think chess is definitely colder and there
there are many people in the world of famous movies and music that they have
interest in chess, so I think it definitely gets more exposure, and me too
I think chess is a great thing and definitely can be very beautiful and possible
also be cool and accessible to a larger audience.

Let's look at the players in turn:

Magnus Carlsen

It seems that the current chess chess is chess
Sometimes "softball" questions, but if it did in the championship
The conference was always charmed and spirited. His ritual on the day of the game?

I think that nothing too exciting, unfortunately, just try to eat
All right, sleep well, prepare well, play well!

Does it feel different before this match compared to the previous one

You always feel a little different. I'm a little older, so I feel
a little older, and it's cooler, so I feel cooler, but besides it is
it's always a lot the same – it's a great expectation and excitement
The thing started. I know that I face a big opponent, but I will do my own thing
It's best to win again.

How much does it coincide with a psychological warfare?

I think the most important thing is what is moving and what
you work on the board, but there is an element of psychology, the element of bluffing
in chess. It's not that prevailing as it is in other games or sports, but I think
people are aware of it, but this will not be the main story I'm talking about
time. I think that both of us are pretty focused on making the best moves and
Take it from there.

Does she have "female support" for the match?

I do not think like that. Women hate me, I refuse them! (take a smile)

We also saw the other side of Magnus that became
in the last few years prevailing, willingness to disarm honestly
its potential weaknesses. Spanish journalist Leontko Garcia noticed that Magnus had
he identified the control of his emotions as his biggest problem after Karjakinin
The match is over. Has it overcome?

Well, I mean, your question is very disturbing to me, so that
Obviously not! (take a smile)

However, after a joke, we got it revealing a quote:

No, I think I'm a little calm then, but that's it
the rest is the question of whether I can play better. Not recently, but I am
I'm convinced that I am capable of more. Probably almost soon
apathetic, sometimes, so it's OK in the other direction, so I have to
I assume there is some sort of middle ground.

When asked if he was considered to be his own favorite or
he succumbed to the game, took it as he could …

It's been a while since I considered myself subordinate
Be honest Be honest! If you were number one in the world for 7 years
and you won 3 world championships in a row, and you consider yourself
I think something is bad for your psyche.
Having said this, obviously Fabiano is an outstanding player, his results
Years speak for themselves and I know that if I keep playing in the same
Vena that I would probably not win then, so I have to go
but I have great confidence in my power to do it.

Once again, that theme Magnus was not at the top
his match and he will have to fix himself for the match if he wins.

Fabiano Caruana

Of course, he looked from Fabi's perspective, playing it
the first match against the player who was so dominant while Magnus was
is a scary experience. They asked the weaknesses of the World Champion

I do not think Magnus has any clear weaknesses. Usually
the mistakes he makes are very individual and do not have a clear pattern
for them, and I think the same goes for most players on the very, very
the top, but what is said, he still makes mistakes, we all do the only thing
The challenge is to be ready to take them when they come.

This peaceful determination was evident in other responses,
where Fabi asked again and again about questions related to his nationality and a certain great predecessor. Must have heard it almost …

… but patiently answered. Did he play

I mostly try to access tournaments as an individual. Of
Of course, if I have success, I want to share it with the United States,
but on the board they are chess players themselves. But of course, yes, I am proud
to represent the United States is basically the greatest honor in chess.

Why "changed"
nationality back and forth from the United States to Italy?

I've never changed my nationality. Dual nationality
I gave birth and changed the federation when I was 13 years old. I was a kid and I lived alone
Europe, and that was mainly to return to my roots – the Italian and my mother
when I returned to the United States when I was in my twenties, it was
personal decision. I feel connected with both countries. I would like to
They represent both of them, but only one is possible and I live in the United States
and now they represent the United States, and I feel very American, but I also nurture
my Italian roots.

Is he the new Bobbi Fischer?

I think the comparison is still early. If I become
The world champion then the comparison will be better, but in terms of chess
style and the course of our lives, I hope, I do not think it's a comparison
quite right, but of course it's very flattering to compare with such a big one

A bizarre passage from a recent interview was sad
debuted – Fabi is not an "ambitious director from Brooklyn":

And finally, the question of women's support? Again, there
was not an attempt to compete with Magnus in providing a witty answer. Still
the other integral, immediate answer:

The main female support I have is from my mother, which is me
You think it's the most useful. I also have a lot of friends, including women!

If Fabi can keep the same calmness on the board at
We can get the start of the match in the match "too close to the call", most neutrals have
She hoped!

There will still be a short opening ceremony on which it will be
There's White for Game 1, but otherwise it's time to get down to work. See our special World Cup page for the entire schedule …

… so watch the live show on our show with Peter
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