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Children's play for Mari Kom


Written by Gaurav Bhatt
| New Delhi |

Published: November 19, 2018 3:00:15

Children's play for Mari Kom Routing Aigerim Kassenaieva from Kazakhstan in the category 48 kg, Marie Kom moved to the quarterfinals of World Boxing for Women. PTI

There are more fantastic ways to explain what makes Marie Cox Boxer. Regimented work ethics. Incredible longevity and experience. Humble football and quick hands. However, the version in the cliff is that the five-time world champion is very good in not getting a hit in the face.

What distinguishes Mary from the fighters such as Simranjit, who captured her swings on Saturday, and her colleague Manipuri Sarita Devi, who became the first Indians to break down the World Cup, is her aspiration to avoid exciting exchanges. To compete in category 48kg, the easiest division and the closest to its natural weight, also facilitates keeping and movement.

For an opponent, Mary is almost never there. With their hands down, they circle the boxer as a school mansion. Attack and contact yourself, stay back and get off. Choose. On Sunday, Kazakh Aigerim Kassenaieva tried to do both, and she became extraordinary for a unanimous decision of 5-0.


"Aay to play opponents who bachche tarah khilana," said coach Chhote Lal Iadav. "Mary played with her, put pressure and fought when she attacked."

Mari's superior baking IK has been for almost two decades. A smoother comparison will be the rival of 51 kg Pinki Jangra, who with a little difficulty on Saturday won on Saturday. When caught in a kid, Jangra often did not use her free hands. When she held Kassenai, Mary instead opened more bumps into the body and drove away.

Although it was not all flawless. Before the tournament, the 35-year-old admitted that "the new boxers are firmer and smarter, they are faster." While the speed was more or less identical, Mary, who was almost unconfirmed, slid into the second round and made a mistake on occasions.

It seems that they are more overclocked than the signs of their years. With the singing "Mari Kom" bells over the Indira Gandhi stadium, and the face of the poster plastered around him, there must have been some nerves, even for boxing pistols for the record sixth world gold medal. It was weird to hear that Marie talked about the burden of expectation after she heard terrible incentives like Manisha Maun, who continued a carefree, gigantic run with victory over the world's leading champion Dino Zhamman from Kazakhstan.

"Pressure is there. Pressures have always been there for many years," Mary said. "Sometimes, winning medals, gold, gold, gold also exert pressure because people expect it from you We are the hosts of world championships So there is a question of what can I do or can not prove it is always on my mind All I do is to try and be better and better. "

The quest for self-determination remains the main characteristic for Maria, whose weekly morning the skipping and sweating of 500 g of water began.

"It relaxes him for the day, otherwise the body will remain a bit cruel," said Yadav. "Of course, you would not work so hard if you are happy, but she's always trying to get better. That's why she says" boxing is my life. ""

Powerful debut for Lovely, Bhagiabati

With the biggest boxer in the country under the pump, he could sympathize with the debutants Lovlin Borgohain and Bhagiabati Kachari who feel the butterfly. Borgohain (69kg) beat Atheion Bilon of Panama 5-0, while Kachari (81kg) defeated German Irini Schonberger with a 4-1 decision. "I was nervous in front of my debut," Lovlin admitted, while Kacari said that "the number of spectators did this great moment".

"World Cup hosts is a double-sword sword," said coach Raffaele Bergamasco. "You have the advantage of competing at home, but there are pressures and expectations. For girls who will be debating, even entering the stadium will make them suffer injury."

Manisha beats the world champion

No, if you are Manish Maun, who went to work, what quickly becomes her signature, the way it can be returned. 20-year-old defeated Kazakhstan champion Dina Zholaman with a unanimous decision to reach a quarter-final of 54 kg and take a lead of 2-1 in this thrilling rivalry.

Manisha, who won the double bronze medal Christina Cruz and took over the Bulgarian Stojka Petro (also a silver medal in the 2016 edition), said: "It does not matter if the opponent is a bronze medal or a world champion." I went there in a box. Poland, and the defeat was very close, and that was in her home country. "

The injured Zholman had the same justification. While the maniac Manish controlled the battle from afar and flew straight ahead, he also marked Zholaman several times.

"How was that unanimous decision? I knew that something like this could happen," Kazakhstan said, who with an ominous signature "will see how far the Indians".

Sarita was thrown out

One boxer who had even less reason to feel tired was Indian Sarita Devi, who lost a 3-2 decision against Ireland Kellie Harrington. After spreading on Friday 37-year-old Diana Brugger from Switzerland, Sarita attacked Harrington's attack.

Both boxers dominate the patch, but Harrington seemed to end the fight with a clean opponent's left hook, which led to eight points for Sarita, who tried to explain it by saying: "My opponent was a lesbian, and my legs are plagued between mine and me and fell down. "

Golden medalist Sarita, who for a year banned the AIBA ban on accepting her bronze medal at the Asian Games in 2014, said: "I do not know why it just happened to me. I'm not satisfied with the decision. I thought I had the advantage in all three rounds But what am I supposed to do? I was banned for a year, so now I can not say anything. "

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