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Detected more mysterious signs of deep space


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Illustration of a radio telescope listening to the FRBs.

Danielle Futselaar / Breakthrough Listen

It has collected a new batch of alien signals from the direction of two galaxies beyond our Milky Way.

Fingers fast radios (FRB) They are one of the most enigmatic and inexplicable cosmic phenomena that have recently been produced. Some dozens of powerful and fleeting impulses have been detected in the last twelve years, and Russia's Astronomy Observatory of Russian Radio Pushchino reported Friday.

The announcement came after a great milestone posted Thursday The researchers traced a non-repetitive FRB to a source galaxy for the first time.

Russian scientists found the new bursts of file data from 2012 to 2018. They emerged from the direction of the M31 and M33 galaxies, which are among the closest to our Milky Way. However, the level of power of the bursts suggests that they come from much further, that is, behind the two nearby galaxies.

Also one of the bursts of the direction of M33 was observed; this would be only the third recurrence of FRB detected. Repeat FRBs It should also be easier to trace to your source.

We still do not know what FRBs generates, but the suggested causes are included from the neutron stars to extraterrestrial intelligence. Every new detection should approach us to solve the mystery.

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