Thursday , October 6 2022

Earth-like theory has been discovered: NASA frees Earth's image taken from a million miles away


The theory of flat land

The flat Earth Theory of Flat Land representation is presentedScreengrab from YouTube

The flat soil theory is becoming popular and now NASA has successfully discovered by freeing up the image of the earth taken by the satellites a million miles away. The incredible footage captured by a camera on the satellite of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite Deep Space Climate Observers (DSCOVR) has discovered that the Earth is a sphere.

Interestingly, from this distance, the camera can watch the land from sunrise to sunset. The camera at DSCOVR usually takes an average of one image during each flight, and one photo every two hours in winter.

"Given the special point of EPIC and frequent observations, we are able to observe the daily part of the day cycle of many phenomena, for example, EPIC can monitor volcanic eruption or fire all day, other satellites that descend around the Earth, which in a certain measure the look at a particular location, in more cases only once or twice a day, "said Alekander Marshak, deputy director of the Deep Space Observators Mission.

Even in the middle of this growing criticism, flat-rate theorists strongly claim that these NASA-generated images are generated on a computer. By flat teeth, the South Pole is the boundary of a country where gigantic icy walls act as a wall that prevents us from falling. These theorists also added that governments all over the world build their military bases in the southern hemisphere after they realize that the country is completely flat, floating in the solar system.

Proponents of the theory of flat soil also claim that the ground is basically a stationary object located in space, and believe that this body does not circulate around the Sun.

It is interesting that many eminent personalities, including former Captain Anthony Flintoff from England, are strong advocates of the theory of flat land.

"If you're on a helicopter and you float why the Earth does not come to you if it's a round table? Why, if we get through the universe, why would the water stay calm? Why is not a laser pushing about 16 miles, if the world is curved, should not to see it, but you can, "Flintoff said last year.

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