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Eating fish and veggies can help in the separation of heart disease: try these foods too!


Do you suffer from high blood pressure? You may want to include more fish and fresh veggies in your diet. Consumption of fish, seafood and primarily vegetarian nutrition can help reduce the symptoms of heart diseases associated with hypertension, according to a recent study published in American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology

Seafood and vegetarian food tend to increase levels of a compound called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), known for improving heart health, researchers at the Medical University in Warsaw, Poland, said.

The study showed that low-dose treatment with TMAO reduced heart rate (cardiac fibrosis) and markers of cardiac insufficiency in the animal hypertension model.

"Our study provides new evidence for the potential beneficial effect of a moderate increase in plasma TMAO to pressure overloaded by the heart," researchers said.

They analyzed the effect of TMAO on rats, which have a genetic tendency to develop high blood pressure.

One group of hypertensive rats received low doses of TMAO supplements in their drinking water while the other group received only plain water.

They received TMAO therapy for 12 weeks or 56 weeks and were screened for damage to the heart and kidneys, as well as high blood pressure.

TMAO treatment did not affect the development of high blood pressure in any spontaneously hypertensive rat. However, the condition of the animals that received the compound was better than expected, even after more than a year of TMAO treatment at a low dose.

It has also been discovered that the increase in plasma TMAO from four to five times does not adversely affect the circulatory system. This is in contrast to previous studies showing levels of plasma TMAO in the blood – and the risk of heart disease – increased after consumption of red meat and eggs.

"It appears that rich fish and vegetarian nutrition are associated with a significantly higher TMAO plasma than a diet rich in red meat and eggs, which is considered to be an increase in cardiovascular risk," researchers said.

"However, further research is needed to assess the impact of TMAO and TMA on the circulatory system."

Food for the heart:

According to experts worldwide, your diet is closely related to your heart health. Here are four foods you need to include in your daily diet to increase your heart's health.

1. Oats: The teeth are known to contain a type of fiber that helps tie the bile acids and expel them from the body. These bile acids are made from cholesterol. A diet that includes ovs is effective in lowering cholesterol levels in our body.

2. Nuts: Nuts have a high amount of unsaturated fats that are good for your heart because they help reduce arterial inflammation.

Trees: Legumes are excellent for the heart and have antioxidants, proteins and fibers. They are also a great source for the folate requirement and also help to increase platelet activity.

4. Linseed: Linseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fibers and phytoestogens, all of which help to strengthen the health of the heart. It is best to wrap or grill flakseeds before consuming them to maximize health benefits.

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