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Fantastic beasts: the crime of Grindelwald & # 39; Overview


J.K. Rovling adds some of Harry Potter's great franchise cards to the sequels of actors Eddie Redmaine and Johnny Depp as dueling visards.

The shy, ungrateful character of Eddie Redmain Nevt Scamander – Magizoolog with a messenger of comical weird creatures in his suitcase – is not Harry Potter, at least not yet. But Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes, the second in the projected franchise for five films by J.K. Rovling shows enough authorial magical formulas and Dickens's narrative power to make this sequel a huge step from the middle Fantastic beasts and where to find them (2016). The sequel is better and sometimes galvanizes special effects, a darker tone and a high role between good and evil. Best of all, his characters are more vividly drawn and complex in relationships that range from lovely to deadly.

Crimes of Grindelwald also has some serious obligations, the hardest thing is that Johnny Depp is wrongly derived as a villain of the title. But, unlike the first tranche, which felt like a strenuous effort to expand the Rovling brand, this film dealing with the film has taken on its own kinetic style.

The story starts in 1927, six months after the end of the first movie. New York magic authorities have locked Grindelwald, a Nazi-hitting avatar who wants wizards – without mixed blood – to rule over humans. The film set early in the film signals how much action and darkness are ahead of us. Grindelvald escapes from jail and flying through the night sky like the evil Santa Claus, rides a chariot drawn by Thestrals, a black, winged dragon, as creatures known from the world of Potter. One key to complaint is that it is closer and sometimes actually enters Potter territory.

As Nevt, in London, trying to stop Grindelwald taking over the world, he encounters a picturesque gallery of sidekicks, villains and family members. His brother, Thesus (Calum Turner), was uncomfortably engaged with Zoe Kravitz, a former Nevsky girl, as we see in a flash with his adolescents in Hogwarts.

In the most intricate array, on the bridge in the London Fog, Newtown met with his former teacher, Albus Dumbledore, who was perfectly played by Jude Leo. In the early Middle Ages, this Dumbledore is tweed, supersmart and kind, his eyes pointing to many secrets they guard. Wise, the law does not attempt to channel Michael Gambon or Richard Harris, who played the old Dambdor. Instead, it gives the character of peace, warmth and understanding that makes it so many fans. The role of the law is relatively small, but its scenes are accentuated by the film and efficiently pose bigger things to come.

Dumbledore asked Newton to do what, for mysterious reasons, Dumbledore can not: go to Paris to catch Grindelwald. Instead, Newt returns to an apartment that is similar to his suitcase. The interior is expanding and includes the zoo and even the entrance to the open sea. For a high-tech film, beasts may look desperately low-tech. A fierce, lion-like Zouwu with a long, red, pink tail looks like a puppet in a Chinese new parade. But at the best moments, the film gives the personality traits and uses the beast to improve the story, rather than just turning it and it looks strange. Loyal, green mantick Pickett still lives in a new jacket pocket. A cute duck like Nifler, who scandalizes great objects, contributes to important theft on the plot.

Nevt was never the best-looking guy on the screen. Redmaine still snaps into her chin and looks from a chin of hair that is constantly falling on his forehead. This time, he is struggling with the circus, but for most of the film, we must take Dumbledore's word when he says that Newtown is a powerful talented wizard. If the film remains lame despite its evolution, still a fading hero talks about Rovling's storytelling stories. David Iates, who also led the first Fantastic Beasts and four Potter films, brings its rapid efficiency to this, which is raising up to rooftops, street circuses or a dark cemetery at various times.

What Nevy Neams in Paris has to look for is Tina (Katherine Vaterston), an investigator of the dark wizard who left behind in New York. She searches for Credence Barebone (again she played Ezra Miller with a note of one note), which last made the devastation in Manhattan and who was ruined between good and evil. Waterstown was not asked to do much more than walking through this film, but Nevt's other ancestors are eager enough to make up for it. A New York friend Jacob (Dan Fogler), a non-monkey baker, who deals with the silent way, added a film of a great, strange couple, buddy-film. Jacob is in love with Tina's glamorous sister Kueenie, played by Alison Sudol as a widespread fleece epitheme from the 1920s.

One of the curious, unpredictable choices in Beasts The franchise is its grayish-brown pallet, and it looks like an old-fashioned flag. Even fake – Paris looks gloomy. It's a relief when the film is set up briefly in a lush green landscape around Hogwarts to visit Dumbledore again.

However, when special effects are flying, images can be spectacular. In a climactic battle between good and evil, Grindelvald frees the wavering icy blue fires that take over the screen.

Ah, Grindelwald. As a villain, he had so much potential. His uneven eyes have one brown and one white iris, and his soul is cold as his yellow and white hair and pale. He gathers his supporters at a rally which is historically in its open references to Nazism and is still very actual today.

However, Depp is trained in yet another gym, costume design, with another accent. This routine has grown up before many movies. Luckily, the actor has limited time on the screen. (Iates and Rovling defended their casting on charges of family abuse, which Depp denied, quite apart from that, he does not have any help for this film.)

As one secret reveals, other mysteries are piling up. The creditor discovers the truth about his line, a revelation he can think of, "Huh? They are they from the same family? "But this new, improved continuation suggests that even when Rovling seems to have missed, she has long known what she is doing.

Production: Heidai Films, Varner Bros.

Distributor: Varner Bros.

Cast: Eddie Redmaine, Katherine Vaterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Jude Lav, Johnny Depp

Directed by: David Iates

Writer: J.K. Rovling

Producer: David Heiman, Steve Kloves, Lionel Vigram, J.K. Rovling

Director of photography: Philippe Rousselot

Designer: Stuart Craig

Costume Designer: Colleen Atvood

Editor: Mark day

Music: James Newton Howard

Casting: Fiona Veir

134 minutes.

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