Monday , September 26 2022

Fortney just went through the wild new player Milestone


It has already been well established that the epic battle is the royal game of Fortune, a ruthless popular, but the new figure of the players for the game puts its popularity in a better perspective.

After the recent release of the game in South Korea, the battle of the royal game Hunger has reached 8.3 million simultaneous players around the world. It's more than 8 million people playing the game simultaneously. Epic Games Korea spokesman provided this picture in an interview for Inven, and the number was confirmed by Epic Games for VG247.

In February of this year, Fortney had 3.4 million concurrent players, whose number is so high that it caused server games to fight under load. Put a new 8.3 million figure in perspective. Steam, on average, has about 5 million simultaneous players all your games, with a maximum of 16 million people who simply have an open Steam client, according to SteamSpi data.

Competition PUBG today had around 797,000 top-level players, on November 8th, which is less than the maximum 3 million players of simultaneous players.

In other Fortnat news, the game will add NFL jerseys to buy on November 9, and new weapons – Heavy Gun – will soon appear in the title. Epic did not announce when the new gun will be added, but will probably come as part of the Fortrete patch this week.

The Fortune universe in the game has been undergoing great changes lately, in particular with the world's largest changeable one-time event that took place on November 4th. At the end of the event in the form of Halloween Fortnitemares, the mysterious purple cube that was the match of the game, because it first appeared at the end of the season 5, exploded, sending the players into a strange world of light. It was great.

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