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Give Kohl a "silent treatment" in order to suppress his move: counseling Du Plessis for Australia

Give Kohliji
Indian Captain Virat Kohli (Getti Image)

Captain of South Africa Faf du Plessis advised on "silent treatment" because perhaps Australia's best approach is to prevent Virat Kohli from failing to win against them in a four-match test series. Du Plessis "South Africa will face Australia on Saturday in a one-time T20 game, after which the home team will play three T20Is against India, followed by the start of the first test in Adelaide on December 6th.

Citing an Indian tour in South Africa earlier this year as an example – where the Indian captain, despite being the best scorer in India, grew 286 times in three games – du Plessis pointed out that players like Kohli love aggression, and that's something encourages them. If Australia avoids Kohli's scenario, there is a great chance that they could stop it from scoring.

"There are such guys in international cricket (who enjoy the conflict)," Du Plessis said. "This is how we feel when playing against someone like Virat Kohli, he's a similar figure, he wants to get into the fight, there's one or two guys in every team around the world that we discuss as a team before we play against them. like, "it's better not to tell him too much, because you will take him."

"He's an incredible player, we gave him a purified treatment and he still achieved a race in South Africa, but we felt like there were no major races – he scored a hundred at Centurion when the cards were slow. So every team will have that what they think to do – for us, it was something treatment. "

As a young man, during his first first visit to Australia, Kohli in 2012 constantly pushed the crowd in Sydney, after which Kohli shrugged them shamefully. Four years later, Kohli went into exile with Mitchell Johnson after the former hitler unequivocally threw the ball into Kohl and grabbed the bacis on his shoulders. Kohli finished the series with 692 races, an average of 86.50 from four centuries.

Before India left Australia, Kohli told the conference that his team will not start a dream war, but will not think twice to refuse if Australia starts the war when the Dovn Under series is dispatched.

"When it comes to engaging in field discussions or in the fight, as people call it exciting, I'm completely fine playing without interference," Kohli said.

"I'm very happy in my own space so I can not find the need to go and find these things on the personal level, I have enough beliefs in my skills that I can play without a reason to get out of it. These were very immature things to which I was fed in the first days of my career, so I can pump it, and then I do not feel all that pressure. "

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