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Google says that Fik for Pixel 3 KSL Distortion speakers, the Buzzing problem is coming soon


Google says that Fik for Pixel 3 KSL Distortion speakers, the Buzzing problem is coming soon

Pixel 3 KSL users report sound buzzing even on a small scale

It seems that problems with the Picell 3 series do not end. Now they thought that repairs began to appear. To recall, right after the launch, many users reported the sound of sound on Pikel 3 KSL. Several early users apply a certain exciting, static or distorted sound that emits from their speakers, even when the volume is low. It seems this issue only affects Pixel 3 KSL users. Although many users indicate that this could be a hardware problem, Google spokesman confirmed that this phenomenon will be fixed by updating the software in the coming weeks.

As we reported last month, several Pixel 3 KSL users posted on Reddit and Twitter about the problem at hand, and some say that only certain sounds for notifications, videos, and songs produce this sound, and not all content produces that noise. Another claim that the sound is different, based on the touch of the background panel.

Although many users claim this is a hardware problem, and the replacement of the device for now is the only likely solution for Google's support agent has confirmed that the software is coming up. Android Police reached Google, and the tech giant also confirmed that it would arrive.

Redditor in / ktpa2tnh notes that even its replaced unit continues to emit buzzing sound, and performs certain tests to realize that the frequencies between low and medium ranges (between 20-500Hz) are particularly affected.

This question is reminiscent of a similar question about the distortion of speakers that were endangered last year by users Pikel 2 and Pikel 2 KSL. For Picell 3 KSL, some users even notice that the problem disappears alone. If you own Picell 3 KSL, try to listen to these videos here and here, because they are known to create a distorting sound. However, now that Google is aware of the problem, it needs to be corrected soon.

Recently, it has also been reported that some Pikel 3 units are confronted with flicker problems and severe overheating during charging. While the phones warm up while they are charging or during video recording, some units even turn off without warning.

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