Monday , May 16 2022

Idea Cellular launches Rs.189 prepaid charging plan: offers unlimited calling, 2GB data for 56 days



In an effort to overcome Jia, two major operators in India, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular, have joined together to become the country's largest telecommunications company. In order to provide a unified experience, the latest plans of Idea Cellular take incentives from the Vodafone INR 189 prepaid plan to drop their affordable plan. With a 56-day validity offer, the new Idea Cellular plan is one of the cheapest.

What about Grabs?

As already mentioned, the plan is much like the Vodafone INR 189 prepaid plan. For INR 189, you get 2GB of data 2G / 3G / 4G, unlimited voice call and 100 SMS per day. The validity of the plan is 56 days from the date of the amendment. How good does it sound? the plan is currently only available in selected circles. Additionally, do not think of unlimited voice calls because it is limited on a daily and weekly basis. But to be honest with the company, this is a fairly standard practice because the correct usage policy is usually calculated on such plans.

The daily upper limit for voice calls is 250 minutes, and weekly voice calls are limited to 1000 minutes. In addition, you could only call 100 unique numbers for 56 days.

The right remark is that only 2 GB of data is provided for the whole of the plan, and when you use it all and empty the FUP limit, you will be charged from the talk time. Although we are talking about the topic, it is worth noting that Idea Cellular no longer offers charging during the conversation, and from now on, only three modes of conversation are available (INR 10 / INR 1,1000 / INR 5,000).

It takes more than a merger for Outdo Jia

In case you want a long-term plan, the INR 189 prepaid plans offered by Vodafone and Idea Cellular may look like valuable options, but apart from the duration, these plans have nothing to do with the Jio INR 199 prepaid plan. The Jio Prepaid Plan offers not only 100 text messages and unlimited voice calls every day, but also provides 2GB of data each day. To put things in perspective, you get 56GB of data for 28 days, while Idea Cellular and Vodafone only give you 2GB of data within 56 days. And to be real here, 2GB of data for so many days is stretching a bit too far. Similarly, Jio takes a biscuit for literally providing unlimited call times because there are no caps. In addition, you get a free subscription to the Jio application.

However, if you do not like the options above, Bharti Airtel also has a similar INR 199 plan. Similarly, Airtel also offers INR 199 a plan that includes 1.4GB of data, and unlimited voice calls and 100 text messages each day. Like Jio, the Airtel plan also has a 28-day validity.

We are returning to the Ideas, we have to let the company double the amount of data for only $ 10 more.

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