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If it is pronounced now, Emergency Aid will ruin the technology: Arun Jaitlei


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Published: November 17, 2018. 4:21:42

Minister of Finance Arun Jaitli and PCI Justice President (retd) CK Prasad in the function of the PCI Awards in New Delhi on Friday. (Express photo of Anil Sharma)

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitli said on Friday that if urgent aid is announced in the country today, it will collapse because technology does not allow the press to be censored.

"… if Emergency Assistance is reinstated, it would collapse for the simple reason that one of the benefits of Ambulance was censorship of the press and technology does not allow censorship of the press. You will certainly have access to information using the various instruments that technology has provided, Jaitley said.

He delivered an inaugural speech at the National Press on the topic "Journalistic Ethics and Challenges in the Digital Age". He has previously awarded the National Awards for Excellence in Journalism presented by the Press Council of India (PCI).

Jaitley said: "One of the biggest challenges … for the media in a free society is to maintain its credibility, so that it continues to become the creator of public opinion." For the media, he said, "his credibility will be his own producer" and if he is lost or allowed to "abuse abusively" then "it can become his own switch".

Worst of all, he added, it can happen free speech "if there is a suspicion in the mind of a reader or viewer regarding the integrity of news or opinion."

He "has never been able to understand the criticisms of those who criticize the maximum, and one of the points of several criticisms is that we are in danger," Jaitley said and said that their speech "can not be in danger" because if they are able criticize the government "seven days a week, free speech certainly lives and shuts."

Referring to the abolition of Article 66A of the Law on Information Technologies by the Supreme Court in March 2015, Jaitley said he was in the "hopeless minority of one" in disagreement with the verdict.

For actions such as spreading hate speech or maligning someone's reputation on the Internet, the minister said there were sanctions under Article 66A that could be called up. He said that the Supreme Court had "an option to resolve that section and" to annul unconstitutionality and protect the constitutional ", but since it abolished that part," we enjoy or suffer daily. "

PCI Chairman CK Prasad was present during the lecture. N Ram, Chairman of the Hindu Publishing Group, is honored with the Raja Ram Mohan Roi Award, the most prestigious award given by PCI annually.

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