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Marata Quota: Fadnavis's heavy task as an OBC facility Mumbai news


Attempts by the government to hold other categories of the last class (OBC), while the approval of the Marathi Community Reserve may return.

Just one day after the state cabinet accepted a report from the Return Commission in the state of Maharashtra that supported the social, educational and financial backwardness of marathons and decided to grant them a reservation under a special category, OBC leaders said they were afraid that the move would divide the quota their community is entitled.

Currently, the reserve in Maharashtra contributes up to 52%, which is more than 50% coverage of the mandate of the Supreme Court. Marats require a quota of 16%.

The state plans to provide a Marathus reservation under a special class, called the Exceptional Class of Education and Education (SEBC), using the exception in the Council's decision that it may be necessary to abandon the rules in the event of emergencies.

OBC leaders – the community accounts for 52% of the country's population and receive a 27% reservation – opposed the creation of this separate SEBC category for Marate, which account for 32% of the population. 27% refers to OBC and Nomad tribes. Section Marathas – Kunbi-Marathas or peasant community class – is already eligible for reservation within the OBC category.

The OBC community is divided into more than 300 castries, and its leaders unite to oppose the government's reserves and explore legal options.

"We do not want to touch our OBC 27% (including the sub-category of the nomad tribe)." Furthermore, our demand for Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is to remove the Kunbi-marathas from the OBC quota and include them in this special category for the Marathas, "said Anil Mahajan, OBC leader and President Maharashtra Mali Mahasangh (MMM). Mahajan said that many from the OBC community against the quota of 16% for the Marathas. "We are against it, if the doubling of OBC is not doubled, since our population is almost 60%."

MMM, a group representing malis (gardens), one of the prominent castiles in the OBC, has already written a letter to Fadnavis who opposed the reservation.

Ironically, the BJP government has created a separate category of reservations for Marathos to avoid the alienation of major OBC communities before the 2019 election year. OBC has traditionally supported the BJP in Maharashtra, while marathons have been seen more as a base for congressional votes-NCP.

On Monday, parts of the leaders of backward classes met, including Haribhau Rathod, legislator and former MLA Prakash Shendge (leader of the Dhangar community or boss). They are planning to set up a meeting with opposition leaders on Tuesday, before meeting with the CM in the end and organizing the convention of all OBC leaders in Pune.

"By classifying the Marathas under SEBC, the Chief Minister cleared the decks to involve this community within the OBC," Rathod said. "In our constitution, OBC is not a special term, and all references are social and educational backward classes. Furthermore, the government will not be able to justify a special category for reserving in courts, or extend the quota over 50% of the ceilings," Bhau said. "The result will be that Marathas will join the OBC category, but to overcome the 50% limit, the government must show that this community has suffered social injustice and stigmatized or exploited. What part of the imagination of Marathas falls into this vehicle?" is Bhau.

OBC leaders also challenged the percentage of the population representing Marathi and demanded that the caste list be released to the public in order to ensure transparency in the provision of reserves.

For the BJP government, the settlement of the Canton canton Kunbi-Marathas is just one of the issues that it will have to consider. Other political hot potatoes decide on quantum reserve for Marate, because OBCs against reservation are 16% for the community. Giving marriages of 16% will only trigger wages to increase quotas from existing users.

And legal, the government of the BJP is on the low ground. "The best legal option for the government would be the inclusion of marathons in the category of OBC, and then increasing the overall quota for this category," said Shreehari Anei, former State Attorney and Senior Attorney. "The Constitution recognizes planned caste, planned tribes and social and educational backward – OBC – for reservation. That is it. So, the state will have to discuss the legal measures to create a special category for social reservation."

He added that the state was in a long legal battle after the enactment of a bill authorizing the reservation. "And the best hope of the government is to get a stay from the court so they can show that they have tried to solve Marat's problem before the survey in 2019".

In the meantime, the BJP claimed that the reservation for the Marate would be independent, and not touch the OBC quota. "In Maharashtra, we already have a special category for a special class for return – the Vimukta Jaati or the designated tribe and a sub-category of nomadic tribes B, C and D. On the same grounds we can also provide a special category of Marathi," said the senior minister of the BJP, he wanted to be named.

First issue: Nov 20, 2018 01:05 IST

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