Sunday , December 5 2021

MJ Akbar's reputation is wiped out by Priya Ramani, a former colleague tells the court in Delhi


Former female colleague of former minister M J Akbar, who filed a criminal complaint against journalist Before Ramani, told a court in Delhi on Monday that his reputation was "destroyed" and "damaged irremediably" due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Joieeta Basu, editor of the Sundai Guardian, who appeared as a witness who supported the Akbar case, told the additional head of the judiciary, Samar Vishal, that Ramani had published all his " .

"I saw Prii Ramani's tweets from October 10, 2018, and on October 13, 2018. I won the doubters, but I know from the number of questions asked by people, I personally know that his reputation was destroyed and damaged irremediably." Basu told the court.

"After Ramani read these tweets, I believe that this crime has been committed and Ramani deliberately announced the tweet with the intention of hurting Akbar's good reputation and goodwill in the eyes of society," she said.

The reporter said she had been working with Akbar for 20 years and she did not hear anything from the employees in the organization they worked together. He was a public figure who was highly valued.

"I always held Mr. Akbar to a great extent, he was perfectly professional in his relationship with me, he was always a hard worker, a fundamental professional and great teacher," Bas said.

She said she thinks she is "a brilliant journalist, a science writer and a basic gentleman with impeccable reputation."

Basu said she was "shocked, disappointed, embarrassed" to see Ramani's tweet against Akbar and "despite his experience with him, his image, his reputation shook the reading of this tweet / article in my eyes.

"It was aggravated during my interaction with friends and colleagues who read and heard about widely popularized tweets and articles and asked me if it really was such? They questioned his character and said that his image was seriously beaten and was they put them in the eyes, saying that his reputation was permanently damaged as far as theirs, "she said.

The Court has now raised the question for the next hearing on 7 December.

Ramani accused Akbar of sexually abusing about 20 years ago.

Akbar, who resigned from the Union Council of Ministers on October 17, told the court earlier that "direct damage" was caused by "distorted", fabricated and false allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Akbar's name appeared on social media when he was in Nigeria because #MeToo campaigns were born in India. Multiple women came out with statements about alleged sexual harassment by him when he was a journalist.

He alleged that the allegations were "false, fictitious and deeply disturbing" and said he was taking appropriate legal action against them.

Expressing their readiness to fight the defamation charges, Ramani said: "Instead of engaging in serious allegations that many women have done against him, he tends to scare them through intimidation and harassment."

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