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OC07.05: PAN – COVID study: factors associated with premature birth in women with SARS-CoV – 2 infection during pregnancy – Mullins – 2021 – Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology



Premature birth is more common in women with SARS-CoV-2 infection. An attempt was made to determine what factors in a woman’s history or symptoms were associated with a spontaneous or iatrogenic birth before 37 weeks.


Variables include demographics, symptomatology, pregnancy information, and comorbidities. For logging a progressive backward regression to Stata 16.0 was used.


Of the 1606 women whose data were recorded in the UK and international PAN-COVID study from 1 January to 25 July 2020, 1147 had complete records of the defined set of predictors for preterm birth. The details of the prediction model are detailed in Table 1. For an increase of one factor in the risk factor, the probabilities of premature delivery increase or decrease by a factor equivalent to the value of the probability ratio (OR). Confidence intervals for comorbidities were wide due to the small number of women with these conditions. In terms of ethnicity, the odds of preterm birth decrease by a factor of 0.54 for European / American women compared to non-European / American women.


These data, for the first time, provide granular details regarding the likelihood of preterm birth in SARS-CoV-2 infection. This can help assess the risk of pregnant women for public health interventions. In terms of symptoms, anemia and myalgia are associated with a decrease in the chances of premature birth. All comorbidities are associated with an increased likelihood of preterm birth, with this risk being remarkably high for women with pre-existing diabetes.

OC07.05: Table 1.

Factor: OR (95% CI) value p
Age (years) 0.96 (0.92 to 0.99) .023
Gestational age in the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 (weeks) 0.93 (0.91 to 0.96) .000
Ethnicity (European / American vs. all other regions (reference category)) 0.54 (0.35 to 0.82) .004
Anosmia 0.57 (0.32 to 1.02) .060
Myalgia 0.52 (0.29 to 0.96) .037
Chronic hypertension 5.51 (2.03 to 15.00) .001
Pregnancy-induced hypertension 2.19 (0.94 to 5.13) .070
Pre-existing diabetes 26.3 (6.46 to 107.07) .000
Gestational diabetes 1.89 (1.03 to 3.45) .040

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