Sunday , September 26 2021

Road caves near IIT Delhi

Part of the road under the IIT-Delhi flyover gave way on Saturday due to heavy rains, and Department of Public Works (PWD) officials said repair work had begun and the cavity was ‘will fill on Sunday morning.

A PWD official attributed the “deep cavity” to a leak in a water supply line. “The staff was working to repair the potholes when they saw that there was a huge cavity. This happened on Saturday morning and traffic was closed before accidents occurred, ”he said.

Another PWD official said these caves may take place in the rainy season. “There is a leak in a pipe under the road, and this leads to the erosion of the ground below. The crust of the road might be able to handle it for some time, but it finally gives way and enters the caves. “, said the official, adding that the cavity was deep, as the pipe was also quite deep.

Currently, the covert portion has been barricaded by police and the water supply through the pipeline has been stopped.

An official said the pipe will be repaired Saturday night and staff will work all night to fill the cavity: “The best option is to fill the cavity with sand and add water to make it compact. Then the granular base will be laid and the lower base “.

Once the cavity is filled with sand and the road is considered “traffic-worthy,” officials said the road will be open to traffic. It may take an additional day or two to complete the repair.

There have been at least five such incidents in Delhi this year. One of these caves was seen in Dwarka. Officials said that unlike the IIT cave, the Dwarka cave was not that deep and passed without any warning.

A similar incident was reported from Khan Market earlier this week, when heavy rain caused a dent in a sewer and led to a cave.

As the road serves as a major junction in South Delhi, it caused massive traffic screams until late in the evening, with the traffic jam extending as far as Adhchini. Delhi traffic police tweeted an alert, urging people to avoid the route: “Due to the collapse of the road near the IIT traffic light, traffic from Adhchini to IIT has been diverted. to Adhchini to Katwaria Sarai. Please refrain from using this route. “

Those coming from Adhchini’s side were asked to turn left to go towards the outer ring road. Those coming from the AIIMS side had to turn left, while vehicles coming from Munirka were asked to pass at the IIT flyover. Vehicles coming from the Panchsheel flyover were asked to take the IIT flyover or turn left from the signal.

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