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SC asks the Amrapali Group to explain the details of the transactions, the agreements with MS Dhoni


New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed the commitment of the Amrapali Group to explain Wednesday its currency transactions and its agreements with the Indian cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni, ambassador of the real estate brand between 2009 and 2015.

The higher court said that he wanted to put the whole image in front of it, as well as the explanation of each and every one of the transactions and transactions with Dhoni. He said the group could also have "tricked" Dhoni and that is the reason why some media have reported their case.

A bank of the Judges Arun Mishra and U. Lalit asked the firm to send the details on Wednesday as to how much money was processed between the Amrapali and Dhoni group.
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"For tomorrow (Wednesday), we want the whole image before us. How much money were processed between you and Dhoni and what were your agreements with him. How much money have you paid for the ads (brand)? We want all the details. You've been fooled too, so the press houses have recently informed about your case, "the bank said.
At first, lawyer Pawan Agrawal and Ravi Bhatia, appointed by the courts, told the bank that they detected 24 transactions between Amrapali Group and M / s Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd, which manages Dhoni advertising and advertising rights.

Agrawal told the bank that in one of the transactions around Rs 25 crore was donated by Dhoni to Amrapali and there were several transactions between different companies of the group. The attorney M L Lahoty, who appears in home buyers, said Dhoni's wife, Sakshi Dhoni, was the former managing director of the group.

Then, the bank asked Senior Attorneys Geeta Luthra and Gaurav Bhatia to appear in Amrapali to provide all the details before Wednesday.

Dhoni in a previous affidavit presented to the apex court had said he was the creditor of Amrapali Homes Projects Pvt Ltd and had signed a joint venture agreement with him on June 14, 2011.

According to the agreement, they had to create a joint venture to develop a residential complex in Ranchi and adjacent areas of Jharkhand, he said. Dhoni said that to create the JV, a MOU was executed between the Amrapali CMD group and Anil Kumar Sharma and he contributed crores of 25 as the initial capital.

He said it was guaranteed and the safe payment of a minimum sum of Rs 75 crore by Amrapali.

In another affidavit, Dhoni had requested the protection of his property rights over an attic of more than 5,800 square meters that he had reserved 10 years ago in a project of the Amrapali Group.

Dhoni had submitted a request to the court after receiving a notification of forensic auditors requesting clarification on certain aspects of the purchase.

He said that the vertex court had on December 5 of last year directed the forensic auditors to issue individual notices to home buyers who reserved the apartments with an insignificant sum.

The foreign captain of India said that his authorized representative had given a detailed response to the notice sent by forensic auditors.

Dhoni said that he has paid 20 lakh rupees for the property, but he has only done a job for the attic and has not been granted possession.

"Here respectfully respects that the price paid by the applicant is certainly not an insignificant amount," he said, adding that since he was associated with the Amrapali group as a brand ambassador, he achieved coverage at a higher price low

Dhoni said that like the rest of domestic buyers and creditors, he had also been deceived by the Amrapali group.

On the other hand, Rhiti Sports had told the court that he was an Amrapali Group creditor and had signed several agreements to support the brand's promotion, Amrapali & # 39; between the year 2009 and 2015.

He said that the promotion agency agreements and the different memoranda of understanding were executed between the CMD Group of Amrapali for all companies, partnership companies, joint ventures that developed their activity under the umbrella of the Amrapali Group brand and M / s Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd.

"That the Amrapali Group's imputed builder owes an amount of access to crorees of 38.95 rupees, of which crore 22.53 rubles is toward the principal and crore value of 16.42 pesos for interest calculated at 18 % of simple interest per year, "said Rhiti Sports in his sworn statement.

The sports management company informed the court that two agreements were introduced between Amrapali Group and Dhoni in 2009 and in 2012 for three years each of the brand endorsements of the real estate company and it was agreed that the entire amount was made to pay Dhoni. only through her.

The head court, who took charge of several reasons for domestic buyers who sought the possession of some 42,000 homes reserved for the Amrapali group projects, also ordered the adhesion of personal properties of the CMD and executives: Shiv Priya and Ajay Kumar.

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