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That's how Facebook is changing completely in 2019


After a brutal 2018, Mark Zuckerberg has great plans for the Facebook platform in 2019. Facebook is being redesigned with a focus on community and privacy.

Zuckerberg made announcements during the Facebook F8 that was celebrated today near the company's domestic lawn in San Jose, California, where he went last year to problems related to privacy, security and Confidence in the platform.

The new version of Facebook, with the code name "FB5", will be the most important change experienced by the social network in years: almost every aspect changes in some way. There was a lot of information, but fortunately we went ahead and gathered all the most important pieces of information here.

Facebook F8 2019

New web and mobile designs

The fifth new redesign of the Facebook application is entering, with the code name "FB5 & # 39 ;," and it will make communities – known as Groups – be the focus, with an elegant redesign that should to make it faster and reliable, not to mention more attractive.

The new Facebook mobile app will also be released today, and it should be much faster and more immersive. Facebook has managed to find what you want most convenient, and the most important thing is that it has made it safer and safer. This is the biggest change in the Facebook application in five years: even the Facebook logo is being updated in 2019.

There is also a new Facebook desktop website and should be much lighter in system resources, with the same design language as the mobile app. It will arrive in the coming months, with some immediate updates.

Facebook F8 2019

Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that the focus of Facebook is to change public and private communities. This means that the groups will be the main focus: there are already tens of millions of active groups on Facebook.

The groups will be easier to find and participate more easily, thanks to a new tab of redesigned groups. This will show you a personalized feed of all your groups, so you can focus on your communities in one place, instead of analyzing them from the rest of the news.

Users will also notice that group recommendations will appear in more places, but they will be more relevant to the application. For example, it is possible that more groups "buy and sell" appear on the Marketplace and, today, in Gaming you can suggest a new set of games for you to join. The news feed will also be redesigned so that you can directly share content directly to your groups.

But this new community approach goes beyond the groups.

Facebook F8 2019

Facebook launches Facebook Dating in more countries, along with a new feature called "Secret Crush". The idea is that you can join this program and appoint up to nine of your friends with whom you are interested. If you join the program and name it as one of your secrets, then you will be matched. However, if the secret sinking is not mutual, no one will know the names you entered.

Facebook Dating is already living in five countries, and it will now expand to 14 more. The service will be launched in the US by the end of the year.

There will also be new ways to meet friends, through the new "Meet New Friends" feature. This is also an inscription feature, so that only people open to new people will be exposed. This feature will also work with your groups, so you can easily add new friends from your favorite community easily.

Facebook F8 2019

Anything else

The Facebook market is also getting some improvements. That is, you can send products to the entire continent of the United States as well as the possibility of paying things safely and securely through the Facebook application. This should make safer purchases on Facebook platform for both sellers and buyers.

The Events tab is also getting a change of image and it will be easier to explore your city. You can coordinate with your friends, find local businesses and find a favorite restaurant based on your personal preferences.

There are so many Facebook changes that will take place in the coming months and could change the way you use the daily and daily platform. At least, hope is that these changes make the social network grow more safely and less partitionally.

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