Wednesday , October 27 2021

The court granted bail to Raj Kundra, noting that the possibility of manipulating evidence was less | Hindi movie news


Entrepreneur Raj Kundra was released on bail in the case of pornographic content on Monday, with a bail of Rs 50,000 after spending two months in jail.

The Mumbai Sessions Court granted bail to Kundra and his co-defendant, Ryan Thorpe, six days after the Mumbai Police Crime Branch filed an additional 1,497-page charge sheet designating them as prime defendants. .

According to the court order, the investigator had recorded all the statements of the witnesses in accordance with Article 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. It was also stated that the laptops and mobile phones of Viaan Industries were in the custody of the agent, so the possibility of manipulating the evidence was less.

He further asserted that all other defendants had already been released on bail. The order indicated that, as there was still further investigation, the accused could not be kept behind bars until the conclusion of the trial.

The court order also mentioned that the Apex Court had previously observed that the trial would take time and it would not be appropriate to keep the defendants in custody when they were willing to provide a guarantee of their appearance and meet the conditions imposed by the court.

Therefore, the bail order of Raj Kundra and Ryan Thorpe was approved by the court.

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