Monday , May 16 2022

The NHS issues influenza influenza certificates and invites elderly people to vaccinate


Health officials called on the elderly to get an influenza flu as he tried to prevent fears about a lack of vaccine.

Last week, concerns were raised that could over the course of 65 years be turned from GP surgeries after a survey that most family doctors said their practice suffered a lack of supply.

Sekirs, the only supplier of the new vaccine for more than 65 years, is a phase delivery that will deal with global demand, said NHS England.

However, doctors expressed concern about phase deliveries.

A survey of 650 GPs from GP Magazine Pulse revealed that 68.5% had their practice lacked.

But NHS England has now issued certificates confirming that all vaccines have now been delivered by order.

He said that Sekir now sent final deliveries to England.

Officials also called on people aged 65 and over to get a flu with flu in what is called "the largest vaccine against influenza".

NHS England announced that 8.5 million people will be able to receive a free vaccine before winter, including older and other vulnerable groups.

This season of influenza for older people is offered a new vaccine, which is said to provide better protection than previous versions.

Last week, concerns were raised that could over the course of 65 years be turned from GP operations (Joe Giddens / PA)

Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Medical Officer for England, said: "This is the largest vaccination program against the flu that we have ever undertaken and offering more people than ever the best opportunity to protect ourselves.

"This year, three types of vaccines are used, including Adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine, or aTIV, which should provide better protection for people aged 65 and over.

"AITV deliveries have been taking place since September and with all the vaccines now sent to doctors and pharmacies, we invite those who have not yet had the flu for the flu to get it as soon as possible.

"Approximately 8.5 million doses of the vaccine with about 1 million surplus doses have been detected. The current enrollment rate in those older than 65 years or older is 45.2%, so we are interested in seeing an increase in that figure.

"In addition to older adults and those with long-term conditions, we want to protect other risk groups, such as pregnant women and young children. It is certainly not too late for people to be vaccinated."

Healthcare Officer of England for Health Professor Paul Cosford added: "The flu can be extremely serious and can kill the most vulnerable. Vaccination is by far the best defense we have.

"Everyone with an increased risk of influenza vaccine offers vaccines for free.

"In addition to having an influenza vaccine, the best way to prevent the spread of the flu is to apply good hand hygiene.

"Catch coughing and sneezing in tissue, throw tissue away and wash your hands."

Professor Dame Salli Davies, the chief medical officer in England, said: "The flu can kill and the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and those around you.

"More vaccines than ever before are available and I strongly encourage everyone in a vulnerable group to contact their doctor or doctor and get an apple."

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