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The Valve Index headphones will officially introduce the VR 2.0 hardware on June 28


After accidentally leaking the images of the headphones last month, Valve just announced officially how much the new VR Index VR headphone will cost and when it will go on sale. Through software software, it will be available in packages with the new drivers as of June 28 for $ 749 (about £ 575, $ 1,060) with pre-order opening tomorrow.

Having said that, the aforementioned package does not include the lens sensors. You will need to provide your own HTC Live handsets from a previous generation or up to the $ 999 valve valve package (around 765 pounds sterling) that includes drivers, headphones, and followers.

If all this sounds like a lot of money to spend at the same time, however, Valve is doing something that no other company has done before: sell everything in a fragmented fashion.

If this is the route you want to download, you can expect to download $ 499 for index authorization, $ 279 for index drivers and $ 149 for new base stations. (It is strange that, based on the numbers provided by Valve, you can apparently buy the VR package, the $ 749 valve index, and the $ 149 tracking stations separately to save $ 100 …

Valve chose one interesting day and time to announce their headphones, leaving all this information minutes before the start of the current Facebook F8 keynote where Mark Zuckerberg announced the price and launch date of the new headphones Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S from the Company that will be sent in May for only $ 399.

And you thought the games were expensive …

The index price of valves probably requires some explanation. It's definitely expensive, but Valve has really tried to make the best VR headphone in the market in terms of specifications.

According to the information available in the Steam store, the Index will use an RGB LCD screen with a resolution of 1440×1600 per eye, which, according to Valve, provides 50% more subpixels than the rival OLED screen used in Oculus Quest.

The index will run at a refresh rate of 120Hz native, with 90Hz back compatibility and a 144Hz experimental mode. In addition to all this, the Index VR headphones have a broader field of vision of 20 degrees than the other headphones on the market.

They are specifications for changing gaming and would help rationalize the price.

Having said that, the collection of these days to announce a new headset is a risky move. On the one hand, the new Valve headphones are offering bleeding consumers a new first-level headset, which also means that Valve could be out of touch with consumers who came to cheaper VR headphones, such as now PlayStation VR.

Regardless, more competition and more investment in RV on all sides of the corridor is a very good thing and only helps to move the industry as a forward one. We hope to try the headphones for ourselves when it is launched by the end of the year.

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