Tuesday , September 27 2022

This week in Autou: Java, Interceptor 650 launched; big car manufacturers are investing in the electric power plant of new equipment


Divali ended, but the fireworks just started. Auto and two-wheeled companies have launched a launch, whether it's motorcycle mirrors, electric tricycles or luxury cars.

This is completely different from what happened in the past, when most launches took place just before a formal break. Here's a look at all the major developments in the automotive space of the week that passed.

Mahindra runs Java at Rs 1.55 lakh

After a few months and speculation, Mahindra and Mahindra finally resurrected the prestigious brand of Java motorcycle in India. The Czech motorcycle brand has launched three new models – Java, Java 42, which is a classic variant, and a customized bobber model called Java Perak.

Motorcycles are developed from the base and donate a retro look that resembles the golden era of the past. While the Java Provider (Rs. 1.55 lakh) and Java Forti Tvo (Rs. 1.64 lakhs) started, Java Perak (1.89 lakh) will be required to reach.

Neeraj and Onkar Kanvar will be reduced

Neeraj Kanvar, vice president and general manager of Apollo Tires, will be reduced by 30 percent after strong objections by institutional and private investors by 42 percent of his salary increase last year.

India's second-largest tire manufacturer's board met on November 13 to approve the results of the second quarter. She also said that she asked for a shareholder approval to re-nominate Canvas for MD for a period of 5 years beginning May of the following year.

Roial Enfield launches Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650

Roial Enfield was controlled by Eicher Motors in India – Interceptor and Continental GT – charged 2.5 lakhs and Rs 2.65 lakhs.

Two models were made at the Tamil Nadu factory. Aber will initially make them in small numbers before they produce in the last quarter. Both bikes are launched in the US, UK and Europe.

Hiundai Motor will sign MoU in the amount of 7,000 kroons

The largest automobile Hiundai Motor India (HMIL) will sign an agreement with the Tamil Nadu government in January 2019 to take over an expansion of 7,000 kroons at its facility, a senior official said.

The leadership of Hiundai Motor India, headed by its CEO and Executive Director IK Koo, Corporate Affairs BC Datta and Assistant Vice President (Finance) N Ramesh, invited Chief Minister K Palaniswamy to the Secretariat and had a brief interaction with him.

The strike ends at the Roial Enfield facility

The strike on the instruments that resulted in the production loss of several thousand units at the Roial Enfield factory in Tallinn's Nadu was dropped, but not before the senior management in Eicher Motors charged with "foreign leadership" for the strike.

A 50-day strike that began September 24 is set for Monday afternoon after breaking into talks with workers, Eicher Motors' management and District collectors.

Ashok Leiland MD Vinod Dasari resigned

After 14 years on Ashok Leiland's third-largest Indian car maker, General Manager Vinod Dassari has called for a move that has surprised the market.

Dassari resigned from the board of the company, and later explained that this decision was not a knee response, but a planned move.

Ford, Jaguar Land Rover is investing in two-wheel drive

The US-based Ford Motor Company invested an undisclosed sum in Spin with an electric scooter based in San Francisco, making it the first investment in two-storey space in a 100-year history.

A day later, Jaguar's Land Rover InMotion Ventures, owned by Tata Motors, said it had invested in the production of electric motorcycles Arc Motorcicles, which will achieve the fastest e-engines in the world.

In July, Hiundai invested an undisclosed sum in a two-year Chinese manufacturer of electric scooters Immotor. Hiundai said he wants to develop personal mobility jobs in China.

A few months ago, India's largest Indian coin Bharat Forge picked up 45% of the stake in Tune Motorcicles, the manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

So, what is pushing big car companies to invest in young start-ups focused on electric two-wheelers, despite having no previous experience in the bicycle?

The initial steps are spreading around the doorway doors around the world, promising to solve all the practical needs of consumers and make everyday life easier and more engaging. Because of their smaller size, start-ups are agile and respond to market changes faster than large conglomerates.

Electric vehicles are the future of mobility and more and more countries are joining gangs. Although car manufacturers are advancing in this area, one school thinks that the market will adopt the electric two points more quickly.

Additionally, mobility at the address of the two-leaf is needed at the primary stage. Very often, the two-wheelers represent the first personal vehicle in the family. This gives automobile manufacturers a window to position their brand in household consumers with the ability to place their cars to the same customer in the future.

This helps companies to save on market spending and build goodwill. In other cases, companies can learn from start-ups on efficient operation, cost reduction and technology upgrades.

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