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Tri-Dovn Ireland opposed the Indian spin attack

Live Updates between India and Ireland ICC Vomen's T20 World Cup, law from the Providence Stadium, Guyana

23:17 IST: STAMPED! Laura Delani leaves for 9 after delivery from Radha Yadav gave up her and she failed to raise the length. Ireland 71/3 in 15 breaks, need 75 races in 30 balls.

23:15 IST: Four runs from the passage of Poonam Yadav, Ireland 66 for 2 after 14 breaks.

23:07 IST: Ireland 56/2 after 12, It takes 90 times to win.

22:56 IST: STAMPED! Clare Shillington is planning a land, but delivery from Poonam Yadav has detached from her. Ireland lost its second career in 42 runs. Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur to get 10th place.

22:53 IST: Seven runs away from Deepti Sharma, Ireland 39 for 1 through 8, it takes 107 times to win at 8.92 for more. Poonam Yadav to get away from the other side.

22:48 IST: Mithali Raj seems to have hurt herself, she nests from the ground. After 7, Ireland 35 for 1.

22:46 IST: Border! Clare Shillington breaks delivery from Poonam Iadav to find a barrier to a deep middle career, she comes to 1000 T20I running with those boundaries!

22:40 IST: VICKET! Deepti Sharma gives India its first breakthrough as Gabi Levis leaves for 9, Ireland 27 for 1 in 5.1 obstacles. Isobel Joice is the new tester.

22:37 IST: Border! Clare Shillington shoots from Mansi Joshi to the fence. Ireland 27, without losing after 4.4, must win 119 times.

22:34 IST: Border! A tremendous throw from Radha Iadav and Clare Shillington broke the ball towards the side to find the fence. Ireland 20/0 after the 4th premier, it takes 126 more races to win.

22:30 IST: Maiden from Mansi Joshi, Ireland 13 without losses after 3 breaks. Ireland needs to win 133 times.

22:26 IST: Eight passes from the end, India 13 without losses after 2 breaks.

22:21 IST: Border! The first fourth for Ireland comes from Gabi Levis. Brilliant kick of the front leg. Ireland 5/0 after 1. Radha Yadav to move the other side from the other end.

22:18 IST: Irish opener Clare Shillington and Gabi Levis go to the center. Young Mansi Joshi to start the process for India.

22:05 IST: End of the Initiative – India manages to achieve 145 runs at a loss of six wins against Ireland.

22:03 IST: RUN-OUT! Hemlatha leaves 4, India 143/6 at 19.4 pm.

21:57 IST: VIKET! Mithali Raj makes it easier to deliver Garth, because a career goalkeeper takes a direct catch. India 133/5 at 18.3pm, Deepti Sharma is the new player.

21:55 IST: 17. T20I half century for Mithali Raj, comes in 54 deliveries. She had two lucky escapades in that typing. Six are from India 131/4 in 18 interruptions.

21:52 IST: VIKET! Veda Krishnamurthi leaves 9 points as India loses fourth career for 127 races. A brilliant piece of bowling from Luke OReilly to find a blockade.

21:50 IST: Seven runs from the upper ones, India 125 for three after 17 breaks.

21:45 IST: VIKET! Harmpreet probably took a little bit of it, and paid her the price. She asked to find a fence of full-scale movement from Richardson. India 116/3 after 15.3.

21:43 IST: SIXTH! Harmanpreetkaur is planning a land to achieve maximum time.

21:41 IST: India 109 for 2 after 15 breaks.

21:38 IST: STAMPED! Jemmima Rodrigues plans the country, as the wider delivery from Laura Delani makes a trick. India lost its second career for 107 runs at 14.3. Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur is the new player.

21:35 IST: Border! Jemmimah Rodrigues finds the limit of delivery from Lara Maritz while India reaches the 100th run in 13.5.

21:32 IST: Border! Mithali Raj opens the face of the stick and hits a short delivery from Laura Delani to the fence. India 94/1 after 13 breaks.

21:29 IST: Dropped! Mithali Raj again, this time in 39 races.

21:28 IST: Five Bytes, Luke OReilli is missing as the ball passes by Mari Valdron to find the fence. India 87/1 after 12 interruptions.

21:18 IST: VIKET! Smirny Mandhana wanted to cross the top, he completely missed the delivery of Kim Garth while the crowd was crawling. India 67 for 1 after 10 breaks. Jemmimah Rodrigues is the new tester.

21:16 IST: Border! Slow ball from Kim Gartha, Mithali Raj knows that there is no one on the border, just a real smart touch to find the fence.

21:10 IST: Border! Mithali Raj opens the face of the beat, pushes the ball into an empty area. India 56 no loss after eight breaks.

21:05 IST: SIXTH! India's seventh-place finish in the seventh round has reached 50 games.

21:01 IST: Border! The beautiful cover of Mithali Raj also finds a void. India 38 did not lose after 5.5.

20:59 IST: Border! A momentous full trace of Lara Maritz to Smriti Mandhana, she says full justice to hit the ball to the fence towards a deep middle career.

20:57 IST: SIKS! Mithali Raj breaks down the first maximum of the match, reconciling the delivery from Richardson. India 27/0 after 5 breaks.

20:54 IST: Border! Mandela was shot dead to hit Richardson at the border, a beautiful shocked hand from the Indian opener to get the third line in the match.

20:48 IST: Dropped! Mithali Raj fell to 3 after Lari Maritz on a square foot, India 13/0 after 3 breaks. Bowling changes for Ireland, Kim Garth will be fourth. She will seek a breakthrough here.

20:43 IST: Border! Smriti Mandhana leans the ball behind the dash to find the fence, using the width obtained by OReilli.

20:40 IST: Border! The poor delivery from Richardson, Smriti Mandhana, chose to make the first four matches. India 6/0 after 1. Pacer Luci OReilli folded from the other side.

20:34 IST: Indian opponents Smriti Mandana and Mithali Raj come out to the center, off-spinner Eimear Richardson to begin the procedure for Ireland. Great for India team, they won, they are up to semifinals. It will also be the first time since 2010 if India can do it.

20:28 IST: Both teams arrived in the center, We're going to the national anthem.

20:20 IST: Playing KSI: Indian Women: Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Veda Krishnamurthi, Taniia Bhatia (vk), Deepti Sharma, Daialan Hemalatha, Radha Yadav, Mansi Joshi, Poonam Yadav

Irish Women: Clare Shillington, Gabi Levis, Isobel Joice, Laura Delani (c), Shauna Kavanagh, Kim Garth, Eimear Richardson, Mari Valdron (vk), Lara Maritz, Luci OReilli, Celeste Raack

20:15 IST: Ireland skipper Laura Delani wins the ball, Decides on a bowl.

20:05 IST: India and Ireland have reached the stadium. We will immediately go for a throw in minutes.

20:00 IST: Update: The rain stopped, the sky is cleared, a quick start is expected.

19:40 IST: See what the Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur is he had to say as we approached all the important conflicts.

19:28 IST: It's spring at the Providence Stadium in Guyana. There are no early signs!

18:00 IST: Hello and welcome to live comments with ICC Vomen's V20 T20 Group Stage match between India and Ireland.

In the quarter-finals, India will desperately hope that their opening champion Smriti Mandhana will achieve a great result. After the failure of the opening, Mandhana went down to a decent start in the second bet, but in the end he failed to take advantage of it. While Harmanpreet and Mithali are expected to form the backbone of the Indian Inning, the management team will hope to give enough time for the match with other batswomen in Vredi Krishnamurti, Taniya Bhatia and Daianan Hemalatha, before the tournament enters its business goal.

When they arrived at the bowling of India at the opening of two games, they were spiners – Hemalatha and Poonam Iadav – who decided to play in both matches. Spin duo Hemalatha and Poonam shared six and four career games between them in two matches.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (capt), Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jemimah Rodrigues, Veda Krishnamurthi, Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia (vk), Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Ekta Bisht, Daialan Hemalatha, Mansi Joshi, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddi .

Ireland: Laura Delani, Kim Garth, Cecelia Joice, Isobel Joice, Shauna Kavanagh, Ami Keneali, Gabi Levis, Lara Maritz, Ciara Metcalfe, Luci O & # 39; Reilli, Celeste Raack, Eimear Richardson, Clare Shillington, Rebecca Stokell, Mari Valdron.

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