Wednesday , October 5 2022

Vitcher Tales is now available on Steam


For The Vitcher fans who want to explore even more incredible performances that CD Project RED offers, there are good news! Spin-off game Thronebreaker: The Vitcher Stories now available on Steam and ready for pleasure!

The newest adventure adventure offers a world where powerful exciting and wonderful narratives are managed, and also offers a unique puzzle experience for those who want to challenge the mind. Since this game is a technical spin-off GVENT, You can also expect to play cards.

Thronebreaker giving players what many of us like from adventure like it is Deity, Pillars, and a host of other travel trips. An extremely different game mechanic than what we are used to seeing from this team makes it even more exciting because it is a completely new adventure.

The latest adventure is available on GOG since October 23, but is now available on the Steam platform. It will also go to Xbox One and PlaiStation 4 on December 4th.

We are interested in seeing why we gave the card game the perfect result? Here you can look at our detailed overview and see how this is far more than a simple mechanical trip, this is an experience that should not be missed by a lover.

"Thronebreaker: The Vitcher Tales is a spin-game inside The Vitcher a space that is heavily guided by an intense narrative, and also offers a familiar style for those who like foam and paper adventures. This unique card is one featured story from GVENT that offers challenging riddles, a breath-taking person, and a fight for the life of players, "we read our full review.

"Do not Miss, this GVENT story is prepared on its own, and the team through the CD Project RED has done an incredible job and once again provided a full RPG experience, although in a very different format they came to know through the Geralt travel If the fact that this is a card game, you give up this idea right now, because Thronebreaker goes above and beyond the genre and performs a perfectly excellent narration. "

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