Tuesday , July 5 2022

Who's Paul Harris? – Search for Virat Kohli reacting to a clown's comment


Indian skipper Virat Kohli reacted to the comment of a clown made by former South African spinner Paul Harris. Former spinner Proteas has tveeted earlier that Kohli reacted as a clown in three test matches on a South African tour. Harris tweeted it when Kagiso Rabada penalized the International Cricket Council in a series of full controversy against Australia.

In the meantime, Virat Kohli asked who Paul Harris was while dealing with questions about his new official application. In fact, Kohli recently landed in hot water. Kohli asked the fans to leave India after the fan told him that he liked opponents from Australia and England more than Indian cubes.

Virat Kohli, India, Inspector, Basant Rath

Virat Kohli (Credits – Getti)

Thus Virat Kohli was seriously damaged on social media. However, Kohli made his explanation that he reacted to "these Indians." Although, no doubt Kohli should be smarter in his choice of words.

Paul Harris wrote on Twitter, "If he had it all at the time, I watched Kohli act like a clown for three tests here in SA and nothing. It seems to me that @ ICC has a problem with Rabad or with Protea in general."

Virat Kohli | Team India |


"When was it? Was it during South Africa? Was it when we were in South Africa? Paul Harris, you're on the hai (who's he?) It looks like a cricket, Kohli said reaction to the user's post.

Virat Kohli did not have the best since the start of his official application since his first session had already landed in great trouble. Kohli broke all records in the game and wanted to stay away from any controversy that diminished his image, as did his team.

Here is a video in which Virat Kohli talks about it (a game after 3:00).

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