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5 This sport burns most calories


5 This sport burns most calories - JPNN.COM

jpnn.com – Many people rely on exercise to lose weight due to their calorie burning efficiency. No wonder the types of sports that can burn the most calories.

Said dr. Alberta Jesslin Gunardi, BMedSc (Hons) from KlikDokter, activities that use more muscle and include high loads will surely burn large amounts of calories. In addition, the higher the intensity, the more calories increase.

Well, if you find the proper diet pattern as one of the efforts to lose weight, now is the time to move to the second phase, or to select exercise! Below are the types of sports that are known to burn more calories.

1. aerobics

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) classifies aerobic exercises with different skill requirements. At some stage, the level of energy consumption will vary greatly, depending on its performance.

With a higher skill level, it can work more and more. The result is more calories. Activities in this category include aerobics, staircase, riding, swimming and water aerobics.

2.Sports muscle formation

Some types of exercises include muscles of the upper and lower body, such as swimming, boating and skiing. Although this type of exercise involves more muscle, they do not always include more muscle mass than running.

Source: Klikdokter

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