Friday , August 12 2022

After the earthquake in Central Sulawesi, ink and MR vaccine continues


INDOPOS.CO.ID – The implementation of Rubella (MR) immunization, which was stopped due to earthquake, tsunamis and fluids in schools in Pal, continued.

According to the Chief of the Palupa Elementary School, Painting Saleng, as many as 135 students in the SD Negeri Palupa receive malignancy and immunization against the malignant (MR) vaccine, which had about 100 pupils before the catastrophe, but in the Rubella apple vaccine.

"Almost 75 percent, the remaining 122 people who were not vaccinated by 357 students, but 235 were vaccinated before the disaster," he said Monday (11/12).

He also explained that students who were not vaccinated based on reports received from teachers that students who were not vaccinated against smallpox and MR did not attend school yet.

"So, 122 students who were not vaccinated for being absent can still be out of town or in schools that are entrusted so that when immunized they are not immunized," he explained.

The process of immunization is colored by students who are almost frightened by syringes, but the process continued smoothly, as officials who immunized against smallpox and anti-apheresis vaccine Rubella knew how to deal with plaque students. (SLM)

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