Sunday , May 22 2022

Ahmad Dhani feeling the healing of eastern Java police investigators is too much


Ahmad Dhani Feelings of Treating Excessive Police Investigators in Eastern Java - JPNN.COM, JAKARTA – Ahada Dhaniya camp felt that he received a different treatment from the regional police of eastern Java and that it was even hard to find cases of alleged libel.

According to Ahmad Dhani's attorney, Aldvin Rahadian, a different treatment began to be banned until a search in his client's residence.

"This is a threat (punishment) under five years of age and an offense. After being banned, he searched it," said one of the legal advisors Ahmad Dhani Aldvin during a press conference at Ampera Raia in southern Jakarta on Monday (11/19) .

Aldwin said that the Dhani appeal in Surabaya was unfavorable, because until now it was not clear that the reporting side was. In addition, Dhani did not mention legal cases, so it is not worth to be categorized as defamation. "He said idiots and did not call anyone a legal entity," explained Aldwin.

A news report on Ahmed Dhani's house, reported by the Regional Police of the Eastern Java, said Aldwin, was a cheater. According to him, the investigator Polda asked for Instagram's account at a restaurant in Pondok Indah Mallu 3, in Jakarta. In other words, the investigators were not searched at Dani's house.

"I criticized the statement by a regional regional police chief in eastern public relations for public relations who has often raised questions like the desire to see others or who, in fact, there was no search at home," claims Aldwin, who justified Ahmad Dhani.

It was discovered that the Dhani case in Surabaya began when he attended the Replace President # 2019 declaration in Surabaya. Dani, however, prevented a large number of people from leaving the Majapahit hotel. Dani uploaded a video on his Facebook account and invited people who prevented him from being an idiot. (il / JPC)

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