Monday , September 26 2022

American fever Tik Tok for Jimmy Fallon


Jakarta () – Tik Tok fever has also obviously infected Varganet in the United States, users of the Ujka Sam case have passed 6 million on the basis of data last month.

Popularity Tik Toka is increasingly becoming known as Jimmy Fallon, and Toni Havk recently joined, recording videos with various editing and filtering functions and interacting with his fans.

The The Verge, cited on Friday, wrote Fallon before appearing on Tik Tok, often appearing on Instagram Stories to keep questions and answers or upload something related to the Tonight Shov event as well as IouTube.

Falon's video on Tik Tok was watched about 10 million times since he joined.

Data from the SensorTover company's analysis showed that Tik Tok revenues in the United States last $ 1 million last month, and downloading numbers on the App Store has grown since last September.

The growth of this application comes from, who recently joined Tik Tok. Not only does the number of users increase, IouTubers in the United States is also launching a talk about Tik Tok, the media are also beginning to review the application.

Stream Tricks also appear on platforms such as Tinder and Google.

It is estimated that growth in Tik Tok will not be disappointed in the near future, as most App Store reviews are positive

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