Saturday , November 27 2021

Angel Lelga confirms his relationship with Vicki Prasetio


Jakarta – As far as his relationship with Vicki Prasetio is concerned, Angel Lelga is often quiet. Both are currently working on disarmament at the Jakarta Supreme Court.

Angel Lelga confirms his relationship with Vicki Prasetio

Angel Lelga

After a long silence, Angel Lelga finally opened his voice around the chaos of his household with Vicki Prasetio.

He claimed to submit a classification so that there are no more lies or there are parties that have used this problem to look for feelings.

"Assalamualaikum, I hope this last title is a problem of clarification, and I do not want anyone to intentionally seek a continuous sensation." If your lie can make you happy and feel better, then it is a mirror of his morale, "said Angel Lelga.

A woman who is now a politician has discovered the reason she had never attended a divorce hearing with Vicki. According to Angel, his decision to divorce was unanimous. She no longer wants to intercede with her husband.

"Thank God, I was not present at the hearing, because from the very beginning I decided not to continue this household, which means there was no need for mediation," he said.

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According to Angel, so far there are parties that still try to get to know him and apologize. But he refused and signaled that he had apologized for the lies that were created.

"God is willing, I am pardoned as a Muslim for material losses, and a morale that can no longer be explained. May Allah always keep his morals by forgiving all the lies that are created," Angel Lelga concluded.

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