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Avoid tattooing in 9 areas of this body, prone to infection


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When you have tattoos, One of the things to remember is the possibility of an infection occurring during the healing process. Especially if you have tattoos in areas of the body that are prone to infection. According to the certified dermatologist Jeremy Fenton, there are several areas in the body that are easier to detect, so they need more attention.

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A doctor from the Schweiger Dermatology Group, New York, USA, said it was very important to avoid tattooing because it could cause permanent scars in the infected area. "In addition, serious skin infections can even spread through the bloodstream and cause serious infections that can damage other organs or even endanger life," Jeremi Fenton told Svirka.

If you continue to treat the skin during the healing process, you can keep the area healthy and avoid infection. "If you do not want to treat tattoos during treatment, you may have to stay in a less risky area," Fenton said. Here are some locations tattoo most likely to be infected, experts say.

# 1.Hands
Because it is not possible to avoid bacteria all day, it greatly increases the risk of infection for tattoos of hands and fingers. So, you should avoid this area when you are tattooing, or be ready to really pay attention. As dr. Fenton, "If possible, protect tattoos while still curing to protect them from the environment." And of course, follow the care instructions that a tattoo artist will give you.

# 2. Feet
The legs will also come into contact with a lot of dirt and bacteria, especially if you tend to wear open shoes. But this area has other risks. "Legs can also protect bacteria [mereka] so it can further increase the risk in that area, "said Dr. Fenton. If you are worried, ask your tattoo artist to avoid bacteria and keep the area clean during treatment.

# 3. The areas that are often shaved
"The area that is often shaved can be a risky area, as shaving can make the skin traumatized and may present bacteria," says Dr. Fenton. "It can include legs, face or eyes." Of course, you can stop the space shave routine until the tattoo is fully cured.

# 4. The surface of the lower leg
Tattoos on calves and joints can also be at risk. "The lower leg can be a higher risk of infection simply because the vascular stress is not effective there further." "What's far from the heart, especially under the heart, it's harder for the body to get tired," says Fenton.

# 5. Frequently frequent friction areas
Tattoos It is also difficult to cure in this area because open wounds last longer. "This is the area where chronic friction can occur, such as the waist or area of ​​many movements, such as joints like elbows or knees," says Fenton. You can still tattoo the area, but there may need to be a change in lifestyle, for example, reducing activity or clothing that is too firm.

# 6. Inside the lips
It is very difficult to maintain tattoo hygiene and maintain cleanliness if the tattoo is in the mouth. Tattoos at the bottom of the lips actually cause complications. The mouth is a shelter for all types of bacteria so the risk of infection is very high.

# 7. Armpit
As already mentioned, a tattoo near the armpit can be infected if you touch the armpit before the area is completely freezing. But the number of bacteria in this area can also increase the risk. "This condition is ripe for the development of bacteria […] Even getting a tattoo near the armpit can increase your risk, so it's very helpful to keep the cleanliness of the surrounding area, "Fenton said.

# 8. Tupak
Due to the humid environment and the bacteria that can be there, tattoos near the navel are in danger of infection. But like other locations, continue tattoo keeping it clean and dry when healing significantly reduces the risk.

# 9. Under the chest
Other sites that are susceptible to infection in the body include skin joints, such as under the breast, near the buttocks and in the area of ​​the groin. If you are not careful that this area is fresh and clean, it can cause an infection.

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