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Breaking the mystery of the alien ship Oumuamu – VIVA


VIVA Astronomers have a new theory about the object of the Oumuamu asteroid. A mysterious asteroid that comes out of the Solar System is considered to be a spy vehicle from intelligent life outside the Earth, an alien ship.

Two of the astronomers of the Harvard University in the United States, Ali Loeb and Schmuel Biala, discovered this in their work published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters November 12 issue.

The paper explains the Harvard astronomers, the Oumuamu object was probably a means of a complete operation that alien civilization deliberately directed the surrounding Earth.

Initially, the experts did not claim that the Oumuamu was associated with extraterrestrials. But after astronomers studied the mathematical analysis of how the interstellar object was rapidly moving 196,000 miles an hour, they found a new perspective.

Quoted from the site subwayOn Tuesday, November 6, 2018, in his article, the Harvard Team believed that the Oumuamu asteroid was powered by the sun's sun's radiation produced by the Sun.

Harvard astronomers say that Oumuamu is more likely to be a type of space name bright core. This type of object flying in the universe by relying on gigantic leaves and is very thin as a shield.

Alien illustration.

"Taking into account its origins, Oumuamu's ability is bright core"floating in the interstellar space as damage from sophisticated technological equipment," wrote two Harvard astronomers.

Astronomers suspect that aliens throw their burden and produce waste that looks similar to the Oumuamu asteroid.

Vehicle type bright core made by human civilization include the IKAROS project and the Starshot Initiative. This vehicle is an interplanetary and interstellar cargo transport.

The second theory of astronomers really needs to be tested, especially now that Oumuamui data are really limited, they need more data.

In addition, the challenge of discovering the right side of Oumuamu is the matter of his position. At present, Oumuamua has left the Solar System and is no longer being tracked by telescopes.

So, Loeb said the fact that scientists can observe the Oumuamu shows that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life.

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