Friday , February 26 2021

Called Stop Production of the Galaxy Note, Samsung said – Recently, there have been pros and cons reports on the fate of the Galaxy Note series. This news is bolstered, seeing as Samsung launches the Galaxy S21 Ultra as the only Galaxy S series to have the S Pen.

However, Samsung has confirmed that the integration of the digital pen will be extended to more devices in the future.

Earlier, it was reported that Samsung is extending S Pen support to other phones in order to migrate existing Note users to S and Z series.

It’s unclear if we’ll see a successor to the Note 20 this year. A recent report said that Samsung could launch the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra and that too without the usual fanfares.

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The leaked rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note are over. [Twitter]
The leaked rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note are over. [Twitter]

The most recent tweets from Leaker Ice Universe suggest that the iconic Note series is over and there will be no Galaxy Note 21.

Screen industry secretary Ross Young also confirmed the rumors. He suggested that the Note 20 FE could still be on the card. Samsung has implicitly confirmed the device. After all,

Sales of the Note and S series look disappointing in 2020 and the withdrawal of the former could help Samsung increase sales of the Galaxy S21 series.

As for that, Samsungn also gave its answer.

“We are committed to innovating in new mobile experiences that flow continuously and continuously wherever we go to make consumers’ lives easier and better, ”Samsung wrote. Phonearena, Sunday (24/1/2021).

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To achieve this, Samsung made the bold decision to extend the S Pen experience as an option for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Consumers can extend the S Pen experience to the S21 Ultra by drawing and describing their shareable moments.

“Galaxy S21 Ultra aims to provide the best premium smartphone experience without any commitment, users can enjoy one of the most popular and preferred features in our Note category,” he added.

This does not mean that Samsung is not committed to the Note category, but rather extends the Note experience across all device categories.

“To provide the best mobile experience to all consumers, we will actively listen to consumer input and reflect it on our ongoing product innovation,” Samsung concluded.

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