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Can hamsters eat cheese?


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com- In various cartoon scenes, hamsters are often interpreted as rodents who like to eat cheese.

But do rodents like hamsters really like cheese? Some types of rodents do like cheese, and hamsters are rodents that usually enjoy a variety of snacks, including cheese. But is cheese healthy for hamsters?

Cheese may be safe in small amounts and doses, but if hamsters consume too much, it’s not good for health either.

In this article, will we explain more about the side effects of cheese for hamsters and hamsters can be eaten? Launch from The Spurce Pets on Sunday (17/10/2021).

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Is cheese good for hamsters?

Hamsters can also cause allergic reactions, for example, because cages are rarely cleaned.PIXABAY / FREE PHOTOS .TES Hamsters can also cause allergic reactions, for example because their cages are rarely cleaned.

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Cheese is safe for hamsters to eat in small amounts, but it is not an essential part of their diet.

Hamsters are omnivores that can enjoy a variety of foods. In the wild, hamsters often eat seeds, seeds, grass, and sometimes insects.

Fortunately, a complete and balanced commercial diet is available to ensure that hamsters get everything they need.

Foods for hamsters are usually presented in the form of pills or a mixture of grains, vitamins and minerals.

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In general, hamsters should eat at least 50% of food for commercial hamsters and up to 50% of raw vegetables to stay healthy.

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