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Do not get iKON tickets, iKONIC takes part in singing outside of the concert place


JAKARTA, – Korean fans of iKON boiband who did not receive tickets for the concert were on Tuesday (11/18/2013) pushing Tennis Closed Senaian, Central Jakarta.

Even before the start of the concert, many iKONIC, called iKON fans, who still hope for the "miracle" of selling tickets are again open.

A little chaos happened because of the news that tickets on the spot were open. The prospective audience with whom the wife dominated immediately went to the counter.

The situation is no longer appropriate because they encourage each other.

"Tickets … tickets … tickets," they shouted.

Seeing this, several police officers immediately secured and asked them to withdraw.

"Take away all the younger brothers and sisters, squandering. Work together, there are no more tickets," one officer said.

The committee also announced that the tickets for the concert "Continue Tour in Jakarta" sold.

"Huuu …" delighted those who did not get tickets.

Indah from Bandung, West Java, was hoping to be able to watch iKON. In fact, he seduced him several times so you can watch it together.

He claimed that he came to the Tennis Senaian, Central Jakarta on Sunday morning or at 5 am. Unfortunately, it has not yet come to the line, maps have been published.

"I expect tickets on the spot, because online shopping is not so difficult to access and there is no information to buy a sale," Indah said.

I hope iKON will hold a concert next year. In addition, he hopes the ticket sales system will improve.

"The iKON fan fan base in Indonesia is already big, it's a shame if the concert is only in place with the capacity of 3,000 people, and that could be a iKON concert held for 3 days, so they will all come," he said.

He claimed that he resigned and was still waiting in front of Tennis Seniaan.

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In cyberspace, many fans share videos of those who do not get tickets.

For example, the owner of the Twitter account @ indriaghniia. In the video he posted, the fans saw how they sing while shaking Konbat or iKON lightstick, outside the Tennis Indoor Senaian.

They followed every song she sang. It was done until the concert.

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