Saturday , February 27 2021

Due to the false results of the tests, from February, the requirements of the Covid-19 cards for aircraft passengers are tightened

TANGERANG, – The Soekarno-Hatta Airport Port Health Office (KKP) will implement a new system so that there are no more false results of the Covid-19 tests.

One way to do this is by the need for health facilities that issue a result of a PCR test or rapid antigen test for potential passengers to upload the document to an electronic health alert card (e- HAC).

“All health services that issue (test results) PCR or antigen must be registered on the electronic health alert card (e-HAC),” he said on Monday (18/1/2021) to those responsible for KKP Darmawali Handoko.

“Therefore, the health servicego up (in e-HAC), “he continued.

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After the health service has posted the results of the PCR or antigen test, the person performing the test will also have the results on their respective e-HAC.

With this step, potential aircraft passengers should show the test results using the e-HAC app to airport officials.

Darmawali said the discourse of this new step will take effect from February 2021.

“So this is being done for the first time. The plan, (in) February,” he said.

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The existence of this new system, Darmawali continued, is to minimize the circulation of false Covid-19 test results in the future.

“This is the health center that has to be loaded. So the possibility of counterfeiting is very small,” he explained.

Another reason for the birth of this system was because Soekarno-Hatta airport police arrested 15 times 15 PCR counterfeiters and antigen testing results.

There are also alleged authors, specifically MHJ, M alias A, ZAP, DS alias O, U alias B, AA bin T and U alias U.

Other suspicious actors, namely YS, SB, S bin N, S alias C, IS bin IS, CY alias S, RAS and PA.

The suspects accused in accordance with Article 93 together with Article 9 paragraph 1 of Law no. 6 of 2018 on quarantine and / or article 14 paragraph 1 of Law no. 4 of 1984 on outbreaks of contagious diseases and / or article 263 and / or article 268 of the Penal Code.

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