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Editorial: Realizing Real Madrid with Santiago Solari


Becoming a permanent trainer, Solari is expected to leave Madrid out of the shadow of Zidane and Ronald.

Real Madrid finally made a brave decision by putting Santiago Solari as the head coach. A former midfielder in Madrid in the early 2000s is officially linked to a three-year contract.

The four successive victories he won as a temporary coach was enough to persuade Florentin Perez and club directors that Solari was the successor to Julen Lopetegui, not Antonio Conte, who often appeared in the hot spot of Santiago Bernabeu.

The Solari meeting inevitably returns us in January 2015 when Madrid fired Rafa Benitez and set up a legendary figure, but had no experience in training, Zinedine Zidane.

The likelihood of Solari and Zidane is not limited to the fact that both former players who entered the Madrid Castilla before they advanced to the senior team. In addition, both have charisma that other trainers rarely have.

On several occasions, Solari shows a little more to have aura and dignity like Zidane. His style of speech is clear and clear, and not much different from Zidane. When he spoke with marginalized players, such as Keilor Navas and Isco, he did not hesitate to praise him openly.

Unlike Lopetegui, Solari laughed a lot on press conferences and when his team practiced and competed. He looked very confident in himself. As a figure who won the Champions League with Zidane in 2002, he easily gained respect from the players.

Santiago Solari Real Madrid 2018-19

Captain Sergio Ramos said the other day: "Surely you already know the types of winning coaches in this club. The management of the wardrobe is much more important than knowing tactics."

What Ramos described above is unfortunately not owned by Benitez and Lopetegui, two coaches with a great football brains. Benitez lasted only half a season in Madrid, while Lopetegui had only 14 matches.

Sam Solari has not been fully tested. When we hear his name, we can instantly consider it not worth the training of a big team like Madrid. However, reject such thoughts. This Argentine man quietly presented a series of small revolutions.

Vinicius Junior, who Lopetegui never used, began to hold the surface. Karim Benzema again became productive through four goals that he scored after Solari arrived. Back line Los Blancos slowly holds firmly as three created clean sheet in four games. Solari also dared to be freed while Isco, the favorite player Lopetegui.

Karim Benzema Victoria Plzen Real Madrid Champions League 07112018

It is true that in those four matches Solari only faced the average opponents. But this good start is at least a good sign that they have to recover from Madrid. And when this trust and confidence appears, everything can happen. Who would have thought Madrid could dominate Europe in the last three seasons?

"Nothing is possible in football, especially if you are in Real Madrid," Luka Modric said after being declared winner in 2018.

One thing that could block Solara is that Madrid failed to take advantage of the hole left by Cristiano Ronaldo. Zidane was fortunate enough to have Ronaldo in his pocket, so he could create an era that was short but remembered forever.

However, with the establishment of a relatively stable team in the past few seasons, losing Ronaldo should be overcome by maintaining the team's team. That's the sole task of Solar.

The first test passed. The crisis at the beginning of the season is over. Now, Solari must be ready to lead Madrid through difficult and challenging tests.

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