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Ek-Filipini coach Said The Indonesian national has 3 key players in the 2018 AFF Cup


The coach of the former Philippine team said that three key players had a Garuda team. All three have a big impact on the 2018 AFF Cup match.

TRIBUNNEVS.COM – On the eve of the AFF Cup competition in 2018, former Philippine national coach commented on Indonesia's opportunities in this event.

Simon McMenemy said that Indonesia has the opportunity to qualify for the group with three key players.

The Tribunnevs.com report from The Nev Paper on Friday (11/09/2013), three players are Evan Dimas, Beto Goncalves and Stefano Lilipali.

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In addition, Simon McMenemi also predicts that the match from the Indonesian national team will surpass Singapore in this first match.

Because the national team has a quick transition from the last line to the front line.

The first match against Indonesia against Singapore will be held at the Singapore National Stadium on Friday (11/09/2018).

According to Simon McMenemy, Indonesia is trying to play with the formation of 4-2-3-1.

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"Evan Dimas is a reliable midfielder with quick and wide movements, and Beto Goncalves will probably be in the lead," said Simon McMenemy.

Simon McMenemy added, Evan is one of the best binders in Southeast Asia in terms of passing the ball forward.

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