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Energetic, BLACKPINK For "Road to 12.12 Birthday Sales" even more spectacular!

[ad_1], Jakarta What K-pop lover does not know BLACKPINK? As one of the best girls' groups in South Korea, their popularity has even gone to other parts of the world. There is no exception in Indonesia. So, it's not surprising that their presence in Indonesia has received enormous enthusiasm from BLINK!

Yes, BLACKPINK just appeared in Indonesia to see the event "The Road to 12.12 Birthday" on Monday (11/19) yesterday. Event organized by Shopee was held at the Sentul Indonesia Convention Center (SICC), Bogor. What's the excitement? Here is a summary made by KapanLagi team for you!

Attended the Top Indonesian Celebrities

The event, which started at the end of the year on the Internet, "Shopee 12.12 Birthdai Sale" period successfully presented BLACKPINK's special appearance. In addition, this special event also enjoys the performances of Indonesian celebrities such as Via Vallen, Rizki Febian, GAC, Bunga Citra Lestari, Vizzi Villiana and JFlov. Andhika Pratama, Denny Cagur and Prilly Latuconsin also successfully conducted the event with excitement and managed to reach the audience by the euphoria until the end of the event.

Broadcast directly to 4 television stations

Well, the cool look of BLACKPINK is not just for those who come directly to the SICC. Everyone can watch this program because they are broadcast live on four national televisions, namely TRANS7, NET TV, GTV and SCTV. So, BLACKPINK fans at home can still watch the energy performance of their idol throughout the event. The melodious voice and energetic dance shown by Jisoo CS seemed to hypnotize the audience, both in the SICC and those at home. Loyal shoppers are also entertained with good titles that are presented to their favorite shopping platforms.

Memorable moments during the whole event

"The Road to 12.12 Birthday Sales" is held from 19:00 to 21:00 hours VIB. The event opened with the appearance of Via Vallen one of its main songs, or "Saiang". After that, there was a game of a chair that had a good time and invited laughter from the audience in the SICC.

The excitement of the event was felt even more when the hosts invited the winners to cancel the Shopee voucher codes, or "SHOPEE1212" by arranging the cubes on the cube. This voucher code can be used for cash return to IDR 120 thousand when shopping at Shopee.

The night was also an unforgettable moment for the four lucky winners. Because each of them got a mysterious black box whose contents were known only by the winners.

The event also features two Shake Shopee sessions that have become the mark of this online storefront. At the session, all Indonesian people can shake their mobile phones and receive money for the Shopee with a total of 500 million IDRs. The top is a big prize in the form of a free trip to Korea and a unit of Toiota Fortuner.

BLACKPINK Energi Through Songs That Sang

At the "Road to 12.12 Birthday" event, BLACKPINK successfully captured audience attention through the songs he delivered. Their open act was opened with the song "Like if it is your last one" and then "Forever Ioung", whereby the audience dared to play music. So, even when performed "DDU-DU DDU-DU", one of the songs that had their names jumped.

The interview session with BLACKPINK staff also did not get any less enthusiasm. Every staff gets questions from the host to answer. At the margins of the event, Shopee also distributed special awards in the form of 10 BLACKPINK albums that four people signed for the audience at home. This award is granted to viewers who have provoked self-confidence on TV screens when the event is held.

The surprise presented in "The Road to 12.12 Birthday Sales" does not stop. The viewers who were present at the SICC also got the opportunity to win two units of the iPhone KSS. Is not it fun to try?

Well, the presence of BLACKPINK and the whole series of events "The Road to 12.12 Birthday" went really exciting, did not it? By the end of the year, the enthusiasm of buying in the community is really quite high, especially for Shopee users who welcome the presence of online shopping concerts held from 19 November to 15 December 2018. With all 12 promotions such as 12 billion Shopee Kuiz, 120% of special cashback and No fee 12 times without minimum purchase, Shopee hopes that the community will get a variety of fun shopping experiences.

So, do not miss out on special promotions and events held by an Indonesian seller. Review the excitement of the spectacular "Road to 12.12 Birthday Sales" here!

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