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Facebook and Instagram were simultaneously burning together


Jakarta – Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, were unavailable in several countries. Complaints have been flooded on social media like Twitter.

The decline of Facebook on the continent of Europe and the United States has been reported. Even though Indonesia seems unchanged, # FacebookDovn hashtag is at the top of the list of the most important Twitter topics.

It's not yet known what causes the collapse of Facebook and Instagram, and whether it refers to the memory of being a company. When you want to access, the user will receive a message that the service is not available.

"I access Twitter to see if Facebook and Instagram are down and that's right," one user wrote. "Contemporary World Disasters, Facebook and Instagram have fallen," others wrote.

Facebook and Instagram were simultaneously burning togetherPictures: special

Quoted detikINET from Independent, Facebook's appearance can not be accessed by many users, not the first time. Instagram also experienced the same problem.

Although rarely and usually only in a short time, the fall of Facebook or Instagram is usually horrible. The users are billions around the world. (fik / fik)

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