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Facebook will be dominated by users who have passed, why?


TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM – In the next 50 years, it is expected that Facebook will be more populated by users who have died.

According to a research from the University of Oxford, next 2069 it is expected that the number of deaths of Facebook users will exceed the number of users that remain active on social networks.

According to academics, the number of Facebook users who have died is already growing at a difficult level.

Even in 2012, there were about 30 million Facebook users who had died.

Currently, it is estimated that Facebook has more than two billion users worldwide and there are about 8,000 users who die every day.

Based on these statistics, researchers estimate that the number of users that die can reach at least 1,400 million users or even reach 4.9 billion at the end of this century.

On the other hand, over the last few years it has also slowed down the growth of the number of Facebook users.

If one day Facebook no longer has new users, this social network will be nothing more than a "digital tomb" for users.

Quoted by KompasTekno of Sky News, on Tuesday 04/30/2019, although at first glance it was terrifying, the academic Carl Ohman who participated in this study highlighted precisely the subject of property rights over the data and the digital heritage of the users who had died.

David Watson, an academic who was also involved in this research, said Facebook should be able to manage and ensure that digital data is not used for advertising purposes only.

The digital legacy left by these users can also be used to understand history and their lives in the past.

"Facebook must invite historians, archivists, archaeologists and ethics experts to participate in the healing process in large amounts of accumulated data that remain when they die," Watson said.

"It's not just about finding a solution that is sustainable over the next few years, but maybe in the coming decades," he concluded.

Author: Yudha Pratomo

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