Monday , May 10 2021

Feeling in the corner of the Vicki Prasetio family, Angel Lelga: Defamation will be discovered sometime

TRIBUNSOLO.COM – Divorce cases Vicki Prasetio and Angel Lelga have not finished yet and seem increasingly complicated.

Their drill also drew Vicki's family.

Through social media, Angel Lelga and sister Vicki Prasetio, Nabella Gabrella exasperated each other.

Even Angel Lelga called Vicki's family a criminal family.

This was transmitted when he responded to a comment from Netizens that gave him enthusiasm to face all the tests in his household.

Angel Lelga has discovered that he actually does not have problems and that he gave it all.

"For God, I am honest, and I do not show all my crimes against me," Angel Lelga said.

He was grateful, although there were many tests, but he still got lucky and a good career.

"Alhamdulillah, I was happy from the past, so far I have had many exams, but God has given me luck and career and children," he added

The sudden statement by Angel Lelge made Vicki's family.

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