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Finally, Jokowi Sentil Sandi, whom he likes to call Mrs. Year


Jakarta, – Finally, the Game Widodo presidential candidate (Jokowi) criticized the habit of Sandiaga Uno who often uses individual and random stories, and only he knows the truth when discussing state issues.

In the last night debate of the presidential election in Jakarta on Saturday, 04/13/2019, Sandiaga once again mentioned at least two names that claimed to have filed a complaint with him, namely, Ms. Nurjanah in North Sumatra and Mia in Tegal.

When discussing the deficit in the national trade balance, Sandiaga spoke of "Mrs. Mia in Tegal who complained that her electricity bill was more than 1 million rupees."


It is impossible for us to carry out a policy based solely on one or two people who complain to you.


Apparently, Jokowi was tired of hearing such a thing, and immediately responded to Sandiaga, the vice presidential candidate who teamed up with Prabowo Subianto.

"This is macroeconomics, not microeconomics, which can be built once. It can not be as you said this mother, this mother," said Jokowi.

"This manages macroeconomics, the aggregate of the production is not used only by person as a reference, it can not"

"The name of macroeconomics is aggregate production and demand, this must be us to understandNot microeconomics, it's the country's economy. "

Jokowi added that the formulation of governmental macroeconomic policies must be based on the numbers and data of the investigation or the results of the surveys.

"It is impossible for us to carry out a policy based solely on one or two or three people who file complaints," Jokowi said.

"And he often conveys it as a continuous example. I do not think that managing a macroeconomy is so. My experience can not be that way."


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