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Friends Close to the story of Maya smuggling when signing up for Irvana Mussria

[ad_1], JAKARTA – Maia Estianti was dismayed in her luck after she officially had the status of Mrs. Irvan Mussri. However, a few days before the wedding, Maia claimed to have problems sleeping.

The feeling of nervous feeling is Maia Estianti, missed by one of Eden's friends, Maia. Even this nervousness is enough to upset the mind of the mother of three children who will starve to the wedding.

"So, the story is fired, trusted, oh, dear neik & # 39; I wonder, is this a dream? He continued to marry, it is difficult to sleep for a week. Maybe I was so nervous, "said the man he was known to call Papa Edwin OK, Thursday (11/08/2018).

In addition to Edward's statement, one of Geng Tempei's friends was Titi Rayo Bintang, who also spoke of Maine's experience with the status of a mistress. Considering that he lived for almost 10 years alone. "It's just funny, it looks confused," he said, "after the marriage, what should I do, if I told you to lead him." He is still a new young woman, later if the year is normal, "Titi said.

Titi seems to be signaling that there will be a great need in the Bung Karno Sports Center. Moreover, this statement was supported by Hastag, Edwin, with the words "From Tokyo to GBK" on his Instagram. Unfortunately, on the question of whether it is related to the wedding reception, Titus also answered the riddle. "In GBK, just wait for the date for the game," Titi said.

In the meantime, Maia was still silent about her happy story after being edited by her lover Irvan Mussri. But some time before Maia married, she discovered it in the show, in fact, only one thing Maia wanted to achieve in her life.

"I want to make a fortune in my life. So now what I follow is happy for me and the people around me," explained Maia.

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