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Fujifilm Instak Skuare SK20 for you who are young at heart


Fujifilm Instak Squares SK20

Fujifilm Instak Squares SK20 |

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Listening to the market feedback on the Instax SKUARA camera launched in 2017, Fujifilm recently announced its successor, SK20.

The SK 210, like its predecessor, is a hybrid camera for digital cameras and instant prints using the Instak film system or Polaroid.

This current camera is the first amongst other Fujifilm Instak cameras that can record video. However, the duration of the video is limited to 15 seconds and there is no sound.

In fact, its main use is for a new feature, such as Frame Grab, which allows users to select and print favorite frames from recorded video clips.

There is a new Sekuence feature that offers "dynamic and beautiful" images with a single push of a button. The result will be a little shadow of the motion of a movement in a photo similar to the photographic mode double exposure. This feature uses the video recording function to produce such results.

Nekt Time Shift Collage that allows users to take four sequential photos using one shutter button. This process is performed with a time lag which can be set at any interval between 0.2 seconds and 2 seconds.

Then, all the photos can be printed together on one sheet of the same size for each picture.

Then, the Collage feature offers incorrect frames in the print. Users can put each image in the selected position.

Fujifilm SK20 is also the first Instak camera to offer features zoom (4.0 k), allows users to adjust the recording frame without moving forward or backward to the subject of the photo.

Although there are some improvements, but there are some falls that Fujifilm made from its predecessor. Here are some other differences from SK20 from SK10.


Although the two Instak cameras look very similar when placed next to each other, there are some real modifications of the design, for example, the current lens has the same color as other parts of the body, while the SK10 is silver.

Both cameras have about the same size and weight. Instak SK10 has dimensions 119 to 47 to 127 mm; 450grams with films and batteries while Instak SK20: 119 k 50 k 127 mm; 440gram with film and battery.

Both have LCD monitors on the back, but the SK10 has a higher resolution (460k versus 230k dots) and is slightly larger (3 vs. 2.7 inches).

Unlike SK10, which can be removed and recharged separately, the SK20 has a battery embedded which must be filled in via USB. The battery case was reduced, the SK10 could take up to 160 shots while the SK20 was only 100 in one charge.

The SK10 comes in black and white. The SK20, on the other hand, is published in black mat and cream.

Size of the sensor

The SK20 uses a sensor that is slightly smaller than the SK10 (1/4-inch versus 1/5-inch). This results in a narrow view of the SK20 camera (33.4 mm vs. 28.5 mm in a 35 mm format) because the lens is exactly the same on both models.

Filter effect

The SK20 has a wider selection of photo and video filters. In total, this camera has ten filters for both modes, two photo filters and three dedicated video filters, as well as six partial color filters.

The SK10 is limited to ten filters plus six partial colors in color.

Selfie mirror

SK10 did not just get a mirror, let alone another screen. Although the goal of this product is young users who want to express themselves.

Fortunately, the SK20 has improved this. So, users can now receive the perfect selfie or group photo without worrying about their face being broken.

Livia Setiabrata, Assistant Director of Fujifilm Indonesia Marketing of Consumer Printing Products (left) and other Fujifilm officials at the SK20 event on Thursday (11/15) in Jakarta.

Livia Setiabrata, Assistant Director of Fujifilm Indonesia Marketing of Consumer Printing Products (left) and other Fujifilm officials at the SK20 event on Thursday (11/15) in Jakarta. |

Ioseph Edvin /

Presented global in September, now Fujifilm Instak Squares SK20 is available in the Indonesian market.

Fujifilm said that the country's camera market is still "sexy". Therefore, it continues to present the latest products for the current camera.

Marketing Manager for Fujifilm Indonesia, Livia Setiabrata, said that the Instak Skuare SK 20 camera is aimed at youth segments, but is not specifically targeted at young people.

"This camera is easy to use, everyone can use it, they want to be old or young, and interesting features in it also contribute to the appeal of this camera on the market," said Livia at the SK20 event in Jakarta on Thursday (11/15).

This latest product is priced at Rp.2.999 million. For those interested, you can switch to pre-order until November 25, 2018, or obtain it at the official Fujifilm store starting in December.

On the same occasion, Fujifilm announced a new version of the colors of the Instak Skuare SK 6 product and the special edition of Tailor Svift.

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