Monday , March 8 2021

Health conditions of Azriel and Ashanty fighting Covid-19

JAKARTA, – The Hermansyah family is being tested. Four of his relatives tested positive for Covid-19.

Ashanty, Aurel, Azriel and Arsy were infected with the crown virus.

They initially suffered from independent isolation at home. But lately, Ashanty’s condition has deteriorated. That’s why Ashanty was admitted to the hospital.

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Azriel shared the news about his current condition on Saturday (20/2/2021).

On his upload to Instagram, it looks like Azriel has an IV line installed. Unfortunately, Azriel has not entered any information and only shows the time.

On Sunday (21/2/2021), Azriel re-uploaded a small video showing his index finger attached to an oximeter (a measuring device for measuring oxygen levels in the blood).

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2. Ashanty is hospitalized

Earlier, the assistant, Vindyka, said Ashanty was taken to hospital because her health condition continued to decline.

This was recently aired via Ashanty’s Instagram account.

The state of the mother (Ashanty) for seven days is variable. Now again treated intensely in the hospital“Vindyka wrote.

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3. Don’t believe the confusing news

On that occasion, Vindyka advised people not to believe the news that is not true.

Just ask for prayers for Ashanty’s health.

“Please, friends around here, don’t believe the confusing news. We pray together so that the mother can recover soon, ”Vindyka wrote again.

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