Thursday , July 7 2022

Here is the fate of the BM mobile phones that were purchased before August 17

[ad_1] – The Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry), along with two other ministries, that is, the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Commerce will block illegal mobile phones in Indonesia. The rules related to this blockade will be signed on August 17.

This mechanism of blocking uses a row of IMEI numbers as a reference. The IMEI that is not registered in the identification machine of the Ministry of Industry, will be blocked by the cellular operator, so that the mobile phone is not used.

But this policy invites a series of questions to arise. Well, through its official Instagram account, the Ministry of Industry responds to several questions that are often asked about the blocking plan.

One of the questions posed is the destination of illegal mobile phones purchased before August 17. The Ministry of Industry ensures that black market phones that have been owned before August 17 will not be blocked immediately.

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According to the Ministry of Industry, there will be a "bleaching" process over a given period of time.

"BM HP bought before August 17 will have laundering, it is preparing the regulation," explained the Ministry of Industry.

In addition, the question that is often being considered is whether you buy a mobile phone abroad after August 17. According to the Ministry of Industry, after the signing of the regulation, users will no longer be able to use foreign-purchased mobile telephones.

"No, imported HP purchased after August 17 can not be used in Indonesia," the Ministry of Industry wrote.

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The Ministry of Industry also said that now people do not need panic or hurry to check their registered IMEI number or not. Because the Ministry of Industry is still preparing the page.

"Currently, you are preparing the IMEI check-in page. The public does not need to go to check the IMEI for their mobile phones. The Ministry of Industry compiles IMEI data that is compare with operators to request the IMEI check ", they concluded.

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