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Indonesia's exports to China are expected to increase


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LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM-In the first half of 2019, the trade balance of Indonesia registered a surplus of 0.2 billion US dollars. In spite of the surplus, Indonesian exports should also be boosted by the commercial war between the United States and China. Some people called on Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita to take the opportunity by directly pressing the country's government of bamboo curtains.

Said vice-president of the Inas VI Commission, Nasrullah Zubir, that Indonesia should increase production exports, as many have the potential. Therefore, Indonesia no longer exports raw materials but is prepared to use it. Therefore, Inas advised the Minister of Commerce to go to China to press and find out what was needed there. In addition, he said, work in China is very expensive.

"So, what can be offered can be produced. Yes, I believe that if there is anything that can be discussed, it is necessary to go to China. Well, I think that we can export with us, we have permission to export there." said Inas.

The departure of the Minister of Commerce to China will have positive news. In this way, the export cooperation of Indonesia in China continues to increase to improve the trade balance.

"The important thing is that the Minister of Commerce returns home the results. But the Minister of Industry also has to go there to find out what Indonesia can produce, which is exported to China, especially products of the Indonesia's technology product industry ", he explained.

Similarly, the vice-president of the other VI Commission, Azam Azman Natawijana, said that the Minister of Commerce could go directly to China to press for Indonesia's exports to increase, so that Indonesian industry could Continue to be accepted by China.

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"It is possible, however, how much pressure will be successful, yes, it must be proven like this. They (China) are bigger than us," Azam said.

He also said that Indonesia had an agreement with China. The agreement also has a legal umbrella. "You can now use it," he said.

However, Indonesia must have competitive products for China to be interested. According to him, Indonesia's products are still lower than those in China.

The researcher at the Center for Political Studies of Indonesia (CIPS), Ping Audrine Kosijungan, on other occasions, evaluated the increase in government exports, should look for products that have an added value. It should also be considered that the product is in fact elaborate products.

"Therefore, the export price of exports is superior to raw products. It can be manufactured," he said.

However, it depends on the country of destination of the export. If possible, he continued, the Ministry of Commerce could draw up cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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On a separate occasion, the deputy of distribution and statistics of services of BPS, Yunita Rusanti, said that the surplus that took place was not really so great, or rather, 196 million dollars in June. Yunita said that this time was also the impact of the commercial war with the U.S. in China.

"In fact, we have the opportunity to increase exports again. You can see what goods can be supplied to China and also to the United States," he said.

The export products in China that are quite large, he said, are coal, crude palm oil (CPO), iron and steel. He also predicted that CPO exports to China could rise again.

The government, he continued, could once again encourage internal and external efforts to increase this export. Among other things, the Minister of Commerce may exert pressure on countries of destination for export, such as China.

"That's all the PR (related ministers), we can make efforts so that we can take advantage of the moment of the US trade war in China," he said.

Yunita said that other factors that influence the trade balance are the condition of the world economy that is still weak. However, the government can continue to make various efforts.

It is known, the Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Commerce) seeks to suppress the trade deficit of Indonesia with China, which amounted to 18.41 million US dollars in 2018. With regard to this year, the commercial value Indonesia-China reached US $ 72,000 million.

The Director of Export Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce of the General Directorate of National Export Development, Marolop Nainggolan, said that Indonesia could take advantage of the Chinese market's potential with a population of 1,400 million people. To meet the needs of people, of course, the Chinese government can not handle it alone.

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